Graycie & Manny Sittin’ in a Tree…

Gracyie loves her new home and REALLY loves her new boyfriend!  Manny recently returned from the vet where he had the “surgery that shall not be named!”  He has to be isolated while he heals and Graycie was there to welcome him home.

Manny come out and play with me.

They did WHAT to you???

I'll be right here if you need me. :(

I’ll be right here if you need me. 😦

Meanwhile Rowdy has developed a crush on Humphrey Bogart.

Buster don't you think Bogey is so cute?

Buster don’t you think Bogey is so cute?

Here’s hoping love is in the air where you are! 🙂




2 thoughts on “Graycie & Manny Sittin’ in a Tree…

  1. Thanks Betsy. If you’ll read back a few posts you’ll see that Graycie was my foster bunny for a few weeks but I found her a home in Florida with a really wonderful new mommy. Her name is Mary and she rescues bunnies and gives them great loving homes. Currently my menagerie consists of a bunny (Buster) three of my own cats (Rowdy, Sammy & Mr. Mulder) and three new foster kittens! Post on these guys tomorrow! 🙂

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