Happy Labor Day

Here’s to all the animals who make our lives better with their “labor”.


Thanks to those who assist our firemen, policemen and military.  Thanks to the ones who rescue us from avalanches and fallen buildings.  Thanks to those who pull our sleds and carts and plows.  Thanks to those who sniff out injured victims from disasters and drugs from our airports. Thanks to those who give us milk, eggs and meat.  Thanks to those who carry people on their backs and supplies across the desert.  Thanks to those who help our Navy with undersea missions and thanks to the “mousers” who keep our barns free from varmints.

Animals enrich our lives in so many ways to make our burdens easier to bear.

And then you have these guys…


I guess “making us smile” is a job too.




2 thoughts on “Happy Labor Day

  1. Could you please go apply for a job somewhere? You are missing your calling and should be teaching an English writing class everyday with an emphasis on creativity 🙂

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