Graycie’s New Mommy!

Meet Mary.


I like her!

Mary is an angel who rescues bunnies in need of homes and love.  She has numerous buns in her care that she has saved from certain death or at least long terrible lives of suffering.  She read about Graycie from one of the bunny rescue websites where I had her listed.  Mary lives in DeFuniak Springs, FL and we met half-way to make the exchange.  More tomorrow on her excellent set up for buns in her house and yard.  For now, I’ll let you know that Mary was looking for a “mate” for one of her boy buns who was lonely.  The best situation for bunnies is to be paired up with a friend (preferably opposite sexes but often two boys get along too.)  Emmanuel (Manny for short) is not neutered at the moment but he does have an appointment.  After Mary got Graycie home, she introduced her to her handsome new beau.

You're cute!

You’re cute!

Then the chasing began…

I don't know you well enough yet!

I don’t know you well enough yet!

After a game of tag, the buns settled down and Mary said there was no aggression on either part.  Just a lot of activity and excitement.

Where'd she go?

Where’d she go?

I am so happy about how my little gray bunny found a good home and a WONDERFUL person to be her new forever mom.  Angels do walk among us.  Graycie is one of the lucky ones.  Sadly there are thousands more needing a good home.

Thousands minus one.  :(

Thousands minus one. 😦

Thank you Mary.  From the bottom of my heart.


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