GT Settles In


My homeless kitty GT is starting to warm up to his new Bed & Breakfast.  Most mornings I can find him on the porch patiently waiting for his wet cat food treat.  He comes into the house now to eat and sometimes he even takes a walkabout.

Paul Newman can make some mighty fine Kat Fud!

Paul Newman can make some mighty fine Kat Fud!

Last week, I walked away from his dining experience to give Buster and Graycie their morning salad, (I have SO MUCH FUN AT 5:30 in the morning!) and when I turned around, GT was staring at Graycie in her doggy fence enclosure like he was seeing the most amazing thing in the world.  My guess is that in his younger feral days, he may have made a meal of a baby bunny or two.  I tried to capture the encounter on camera, but by the time I aimed he shot out of the dining room like he was on fire.  I think he may have been having a senior moment and didn’t really even realize he was inside the house.  Graycie just kept munching away on her salad like she couldn’t care less.  He’s been getting very relaxed on our porch during the day as well.  I snuck up on him having a blissful nap.



I woke him as I approached and he just slowly turned around to give me a snarly face.

Get lost!  Can you see I'm getting my beauty sleep?

Get lost! Can you see I’m getting my beauty sleep?

I’ve had two projects on the little house this week.  I gave the rose bushes a “re-boot”.  There was a lot of dead growth and criss-crossed limbs so I gave all four very close hair cut.


Yes, they look terrible, but in a couple of weeks they’ll sprout new growth and by the fall they should be glorious.  I also gave them a good meal of soil and compost from our backyard barrels.  The past two days of rain have been great for the sod and it seems like it’s taking root and will survive the summer heat.

The other project I’m working on will take a long time to finish.  The front picket entry has a very pretty sandstone path surrounded by pebbles.


I prefer grass to pebbles so I’m slowly replacing the rocks with sod.  It’s slow going because it’s so hot and I have to scramble around on my hindquarters to get the rocks up.  I put down a layer of good soil, the I cut the sod in batches to fit the spaces.


Day one…

Day two.

Day two.

I’m going to try to complete this project in about a week and then I’m basically finished with what I want to do to the front yard and bed.  The plans we have for the back of the house will require the services of professionals as well as the contents of Jim’s wallet.  In the meantime, if you are interested in seeing a 50+, ample-bodied woman, completely drenched in sweat, smeared with dirt and scrambling around on her hindquarters, please feel free to drop by during the week for a sneak peek.  Admission is free, but some cold water would be greatly appreciated.  Stay cool!

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