Notre Petite Maison

I’m having so much fun playing with our current project.  I’ve been in the new yard for the past three days digging in dirt and sweatin’ buckets in the 90 + heat.  You must bear with me if you didn’t want to read a home improvement blog.  I promise to  throw these posts in sparingly and mainly focus on critters and such.

So the first thing I wanted to do was add a sod border to the rose garden.  I just think it looks more finished, plus it keeps the top soil from running down the sidewalk when it rains.  I need to water this stuff every day until the heat breaks.





Also, notice the giant “bush” behind the fence.  I trimmed a bunch of lower limbs and turned it into a TREE!  Now you can even put a low lounge chair under it to enjoy a book in the shade.

I used some of the sod to make a little “yard” right in the front. I think it’s cute and breaks up the monotony of one long rose bed.

Jim said it looked weird, but HE LOOKS WEIRD!

Jim said it looked weird, but HE looks weird!

It’s hard to see them, but I also planted a Crape Myrtle on either side of the porch.  (OK, poor Jim dug the holes & I did the easy part) They’ll flower dark pink blossoms next spring, and they should grow to almost 20 feet.  This will be so pretty when they’re big and they’ll provide some nice shade for the porch.


Jim used his manly skills to make a picket gate for the front fence.  The old one was broken and sagging and the pickets went straight across.  I axed him to make them “arch” like my picket gates.

Looks very nice Jim.  NOT WEIRD AT ALL!

Looks very nice Jim. NOT WEIRD AT ALL!

I’m tackling the roses today (trimming and putting compost and good soil around them) so I’ll take pictures of that later when I’m done.  And as promised, I will not leave you without your daily dose of critter news.

Here is Rowdy at her 4:00 appointment with Tom & Jerry on BOOM network.

Jerry is SO cute.  I prolly wouldn't even eat him.

Jerry is SO cute. I prolly wouldn’t even eat him.

And here’s my sweet, little homeless bunny still waiting on someone to make her a part of their family.  😦

I'm trying to be patient.

I’m trying to be patient.

Stay cool y’all!


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