Creature Feature

A few weeks back I was posting a lot of turtle rescues.  It seemed that at least once a week I was finding an injured turtle in the road and bringing them to my back yard to recuperate.  Some of them stayed a while and some disappeared into thin air.  My back yard is fenced and although it’s not impossible for a turtle to escape, I just couldn’t see where it was happening.  The last rescue was a water turtle (only slightly injured, not serious) and a box turtle who was completely unharmed.  I let the water turtle go in the lake in front of my house and put I put “Speedy” in the back yard to live on our animal farm.  I never saw Speedy again.  I assumed he was one of the great escape artists and that he had found a way to freedom.  Then about 4 weeks later, I saw his bad self strutting across the back yard with his head held high.


All the critters were curious about him so we had a little photo shoot.

Bobbi Sue could not understand the "moving" rock.

Bobbi Sue could not understand the “moving” rock.

Do you have a TV in there?

Do you have a TV in there?

Wanna race?

Wanna race?

I could not figure out where this guy lived for so long without being seen.  I finally found his secret hideout while I was filling a water bowl for the outside critters.

Not too shabby huh?

Not too shabby huh?

He sure picked a pretty house.  Speedy lives behind my impatiens.  I keep them watered very well so he has a dark, cool, moist house on hot summer days.  He drinks from the shallow yellow bowl and eats slugs from the underside of it.  Yum!

Do turtles bite?

Do turtles bite?

No Rowdy, this guy just cruises the yard in search of tasty slugs and tender greens.  You’re safe big girl.

Speaking of “safe”, GT has decided that our porch is a pretty chill spot to hang out.  He’s gotten used to our cats and you can regularly see him stretched out next to an assortment of Burlingame animals.

Sam, Rowdy & GT.

Sam, Rowdy & GT.

Shortly after I took this photo, a mystery kitty snuck up to the food bowl to grab a snack.

Should we chase that guy?  Naaaaa, it's too hot.

Should we chase that guy? Naaaaa, it’s too hot.

I’m also having some success in taming the old guy.  I put his breakfast just inside the dining room door now and he nervously comes just inside to eat in the morning.


As for our foster creature, Graycie, things are not going too well in the area of making friends with Buster.  More on this later, but for now, we have to keep them separated since she will not succumb to the charms of our sweet old Bun.

He's just not my type.

He’s just not my type.

Lastly, here are a couple of creatures who came over for dinner this week.

Susan, aren't so SO proud of me for not making a joke about "watermelons"?

Susan, aren’t so SO proud of me for not making a joke about “watermelons”?

It took every ounce of restraint I had!


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