How Do You Do, Bobbi Sue!

I’ve had a new foster kitty for almost two weeks now.  The last two foster kittens we took in had very sad endings, so I wanted to make sure this little girl was gonna make it before I introduced you.  The shelter needed someone to “socialize” her because she was very skittish and wouldn’t let anyone pick her up without hissing and throwing a fit. It’s hard to get adopted when you act like that, so she came to the Burlingame Boot Kamp for Inkorrigible Kittens.  She was very scared at first and we had to hold her forcibly in our laps to give her “mandatory love”.

This guy is weely nice!

Dis guy is weely nice!

After a while she started seeking us out for scratches and hugs and that was all she wrote!  It only took about 48 hours for her to get with the program, and she’s been a barrel of monkeys ever since.  Mulder warmed up to her immediately and the two have been acting like hooligans, knocking stuff over and “scratching out” all over the house.

Dis guy makes a gweat pillow!

Dis guy makes a gweat pillow!

Jim builds her a pillow fort on the couch every evening, and she sleeps in there when she’s not playing with Mulder or jumping from human to human.

I'm a lion and dis is my cave!

I’m a lion and dis is my cave!

If you’re wondering about her name, you can thank Jim for that.  She came to us from the shelter with a name that just didn’t fit her.  Jim said she looked like a bobcat so he named her Bobbi.  I told him I could make her actually LOOK like a bobcat if he wanted but he told me to put the hedge clippers away!  After calling her Bobbi for a day, he added the “Sue” because he said all proper southern ladies had two first names.  OK, I guess I’m not proper!

Mulder highly recommends "Wine Genius"  if you want to brush up on your oenology.

Mulder highly recommends “Wine Genius” if you want to brush up on your oenology.

Bobbi Sue goes back to MHS on Monday.  She’s been a real antidote to the sadness we felt from losing Buzzy and Smokey recently.  There is just nothing like a kitten to put a smile on your face. Unless it’s Wowdy!


Debbie Sue, bidding  you adieu. 🙂


2 thoughts on “How Do You Do, Bobbi Sue!

  1. God bless you…in bushels!!!! What a lucky kitty. I recently adopted a 3-week old male who came with a touch of parvo. Oh my. The vet had mostly given up on him, but I just couldn’t quit until I done every last possible thing for him. And today he’s a thriving, playing, healthy 5-week old!

    I don’t know how you ever let them go after they’ve worked their magic on you!

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