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Indulge me please with just a little bit more about my new kitchen décor, and then I promise to leave the home desecrating topics behind and focus on the aminals.  I did want to let you know about a couple of modifications I made to the original proof Jean sent.  It was perfect with the exception of two small details.  First, I asked her to give Violet a “wonky” toe.  You see, she was born with a backwards toe and although she was highly embarrassed by it, I thought it was charming and gave her an edge.  I wrote about it in my retired blog and you can go here to see it if you are interested.

Nothing wrong with being a little "Wonky" sweet Violet.

Nothing wrong with being a little “Wonky” sweet Violet.

The other detail concerned Daisy’s “lazy” eye.  Daisy was attacked by a feral cat when she was just a toddler.  The story turned out OK, but that day I was sure I had lost my yellow girl.  You can revisit the event here.

After she healed from her ordeal, she learned to walk again, but she always had a funny gait–kind of like the Monty Python sketch, “The Ministry of Silly Walks”.  Google it.  Try not to laugh! She also had an eye that never completely opened all the way after the attack.  I think it made her look sultry and mysterious.  Maybe that’s what Claude likes about her.

"Bedroom" eyes.

“Bedroom” eye

Finally, I asked her to decorate the edges with grapes, which were my chickens favorite treat. I really love how this added to the meaning of the mural and gave it vibrant color.


So after Jean added these touches, the mural was a truly personal artwork that I could have in my home for as long as I lived.  I really love it and highly encourage you to visit her EBay site to see her work.  I’m bidding on the tile trivet that looks like Mr. Mulder.

The installation of the mural took a very long time since we had a few house guests in June, plus Jim was gone on some trips for work.  I couldn’t look at the torn up wall for four weeks so one night I made a cardboard backsplash to hide the destruction.  I have a supply of colored pens and crayons (doesn’t everyone?) so I broke out the ruler and tore up a large box for my canvas and Voila!

I know!  You can hardly tell it from the real thing!

I know! You can hardly tell it from the real thing!

In addition to keeping me from going bonkers, the cardboard mural actually did help Jim figure out exactly where all the tiles would go.  I’m such a helpmate!

OK, I’m done.  I really have no business veering off into the “home improvement” subject matter. My decorating taste has never been exactly mainstream…

What, you don't put Beanie Babies in your Fiestaware?

What, you don’t put Beanie Babies in your Fiestaware?

So I’ll leave you with a teaser for my next blog.  Be forewarned, your “cuteness” meter is about to hit maximum overdrive.

Meet Bobbi Sue

Meet Bobbi Sue





4 thoughts on “Backsplash Blabber

  1. Duh…why didn’t I make the connections in the tiles that you have mentioned here….even the grapes….I should have known that……but I just didn’t make the connection……I suppose that life is too busy and my mind is going too many different directions. I really love that backsplash!!!! Now you have left me with wondering about how Bobbi Sue got into the Burlingame home. Guess I’ll find out in the next post. Wonderful posts, Deb! I love them.

    • Yes, that’s why I had to one more post on the mural. I knew those little details would go unnoticed. And stay tuned to the tale of Bobbi Sue. It’s a welcome post after two sad foster kitty situations. 😦

  2. I did catch the grapes, but not the wonky toe or lazy eye. Great job in the interim backsplash! You’ve always been artsy.

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