He DID it!

So I took a chance on my man and it really paid off. The boy has SKILLS!

Here’s the progression of the Burlingame Backsplash of the Millennium!

This had me a little worried.

This had me a little worried.

A little less worried.

A little less worried.

OK, maybe this is gonna be fine.

OK, maybe this is gonna be fine.

Somehow I missed the picture of the wall after he “mudded” it and sanded it, but trust me it was a thing of beauty. 🙂

Now don’t scroll to the bottom just yet!  Let me tell you about the design we chose.  I was clueless on how to begin figuring out the mural, so I just went to a very nice tile/brick store near my home, and walked around asking questions.  I didn’t want just a pattern or some kind of graphic design.  We wanted something that reflected things we enjoy, but in a colorful, fun way.  Most of the tiles I looked at were tasteful and elegant and BORING!–Lots of still life arrangements with wine and fruit, & pastoral scenes of Tuscany.  Nothing wrong with any of these–we like wine and fruit, and I hear Tuscany is just fabulous, but nothing was grabbing me; so I went to the interwebs for inspiration.  Boy was THAT FUN!  If you Google “ceramic tile mural” or “decorative backsplash ceramic tile”, you can see about 10,000 murals and tiles for your backsplash needs.  Jim was adamant that he wanted something hand-painted by a person, not stamped by a machine.  So I added “hand-painted” to my search and cut the choices in half.

I searched mostly on Ebay and put several designs in my cart so I could keep them all in one place to show Jim when he came home.  A few of them jumped out at us to we narrowed it down to three.  When we did this, we saw that they were all painted by the same artist.  Her style was whimsical, colorful and her subject matter was near and dear to our hearts (mostly animals).

She does lots of bunnies!  I love this chick already.

She does lots of bunnies! I love this chick already.

OK, I REALLY like this chick!

OK, I REALLY like this chick!

But the mural that we were really crazy about was this beautiful guy.

Can you say Cock-a-doodle-WOW?

Can you say Cock-a-doodle-WOW?

This artist is named Jean Williams and her website is called WILLIAMS TILE OVERTURE.  Cool huh?  You can go here to buy and bid on her stuff.


We were sold on the rooster, except we really wanted a more “horizontal” mural for the backsplash.  I decided to ask her if she could make this guy for us with two more tiles which would create the perfect size to fill in the space behind our stove.  In talking with her I got the bright idea that maybe she could make a custom backsplash for us using some pictures from my blog.  She asked me to send her several photos of one of my favorite subjects and after I did, she sent back a proof of the design for me to approve. You may be asking yourself, has the kittybunnychicken turned into some “Martha Stewart/home improvement” type of blog now?  No, two of my esteemed neighbors do a great job in the home design/interior fashion/DYI/creative blogs. Props to Cindy, http://blog.cindybarganier.com/ and Layla, http://theletteredcottage.net/.  Hat’s off to these girls.  I’ll leave them to this task and I’ll stick with the thing I know best–Kitties, Bunnies and CHICKENS!

Rosie, Daisy & Violet together again. :)

Rosie, Daisy & Violet together again.

Thank you Jean, for giving me back three of the sweetest, funniest pets a family could ever know.  I love cooking with these girls every day, and I doubt I can ever move from my house now since I can’t imagine leaving them behind.  And Jim, I’m going to try to be nice to you for a WHOLE WEEK!

(Like THAT’S gonna happen)



10 thoughts on “He DID it!

  1. Aweeeeeeeee—you made me have tears with that end. You are very lucky to have a handy guy–I really miss mine!!!!!

  2. What a great idea….to contact the artist directly. And she did a phenomenal job of recreating Rosie, Daisy and Violet. Brings a tear to my eye. What a great way to make kitchen time extra cheerful.

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