Chicks & Chickens

Donna Jean & Marcie have followed both my blogs since around 2011 and yet they had never met my chickens.  Sadly they missed their chance with Rosie & Violet, but they were excited to meet my big yellow girl during their visit here.  We headed to Tuskegee where Daisy lives with my pal Debbie’s remaining flock of chickens.  You’ll recall months ago how her birds were brutally attacked by wild dogs and she lost over half her chickens including Rosie & Violet (who now reside in my pet cemetery).

But on a happier note, after getting lost (AGAIN!) we arrived safely but late to Debbie’s beautiful little farm and we were armed with sliced grapes for Daisy.  I like to think that the old girl knows my voice, but the truth is, she probably sees the grapes and knows she’s in for a treat.  Donna Jean was in the mood to make Daisy jump and she did not disappoint.

Show me your stuff girl!

Show me your stuff girl!

THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!

THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about!

She does not get the “air” she used to because she’s an old lady chicken now and it’s just too hard for her to achieve the 3-4 feet stunt-jumping of her youth.  But she was in rare form and was happy to pose for a picture with two of my other favorite chicks.

Can't decide who's prettiest!  Who are we kidding, it's Daisy!

Can’t decide who’s prettiest! Who are we kidding, it’s Daisy!

Debbie informed me of some surprising and happy news about my former pet.  Daisy has a boyfriend!

The handsome gentleman in the background is Claude, Daisy's new beau.

The handsome gentleman in the background is Claude, Daisy’s new beau.

Claude has been a fixture on Debbie’s farm for as long as I’ve been visiting.  He’s a gentle giant who poses no threat to birds or human.  Debbie did have a beautiful little rooster named Rufus, who was a menace to life and limb and became such a threat that Walter had to dispatch him to the great chicken farm beyond.  Roosters can be very dangerous, but not so Claude.  He (like Daisy) has been through two life-threatening experiences with wild animals so he and Daisy have a common bond.  Maybe they talk about their traumatic times with each other, thus eliminating any need for professional counseling.  Debbie says they sleep (roost) together and night, and hang out all day with each other, scratching for bugs and pecking in the yard.  This makes me very happy.  She was lost when her two baby-hood friends were killed in the attack and it warms my heart that she has a new companion to spend her golden years with. 🙂

For anyone who is still concerned about my stray kitty GT, who had such a terrible day a couple of weeks ago when I tried to “save” him by trapping him on my screen porch, you have no need to fear.  It took about four days, but he has forgiven me and returned to our house for his morning treat of soft cat food.

I'm keepin' my eye on you!

I’m keepin’ my eye on you!

He only has one eye.  OK, that was not funny.  Sorry GT.

OK, we’ve had some kitty…some chicken…so it’s time for some…



Male bonding never looked so good.  🙂


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