Holy Smokey!

Yes, I have a new foster kitten and we named him Smokey.  He’s a beautiful little guy and I have a neighbor to thank for bringing him to me.

This thing is called a "pillow?"  I LIKE it!

This thing is called a “pillow?” I LIKE it!

Durwood and Leslie are friends and neighbors of mine. They are very talented and successful photographers and they’ve taken some really nice pics of my pets through the years.  Well, 24 hours after I dropped little Stormy off at the shelter, Leslie called and said that Durwood had found a small kitten who was soaked and abandoned.  WHO YA GONNA CALL???  Well NOT Ghostbusters. 🙂 So he brought the tiny guy to me and I started trying to feed him and make him feel at home.  He was thin but not dangerously so and he did seem to have an appetite.  I made an appointment to take him to the shelter for the next morning so they could check him out and register him as my foster kitten.  And 24 hours after Durwood brought me Smokey, he brought me this…



We aren’t sure if this little fellow was from the same litter or not.  He was about half the size of Smokey and he had some injuries that I will not go into.  Durwood found him clinging to a tree trunk and some buzzards were taking an interest in him.  😦  So the next morning, I took both babies to the shelter for check ups and it appeared that Smokey was on his way to health and happiness.  Not so with Buzzy.  They quickly and MERCIFULLY put him to sleep and although I was blubbering uncontrollably, I was grateful to these dedicated folks at the Montgomery Humane Shelter.  Sometimes, letting an animal out of his misery is the kindest thing that can be done.  I thank his rescuer from the bottom of my heart since there is no way to tell how long this little guy would have suffered alone and in pain.  Thank  you Durwood.

So, now we have a little creature in our house again and I promise to keep you posted on his progress and many adventures.  He’s very much underweight and I’m struggling to find a perfect combination of food/milk to get into his tummy.  Babies this small really need their mommies to get proper nutrition, but humans can step in and do an OK job of it.  I’ll give it my very best shot.

Hope everyone had a lovely Father’s Day yesterday.  I’ve profiled my crazy Daddy here in my blog several times.  Here is one of my favorite pictures of my handsome husband and our pretty kid at her basic training graduation in 2008 on Randolph AFB.

She'd better get started on those medals if she wants to keep up with her Dad!

She’d better get started on those medals if she wants to keep up with her Dad!

She’s no longer in the Air Force, but I think they both look beautiful in their uniforms.  Happy Father’s Day Jim.  You’ve been a great husband for 28 years and a FANTASTIC father for 25.  I hope Hannah Banana knows how lucky she is.  🙂

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