It’s a Mystery to Me

My weirdo friend Tama cared for our animals recently and she took advantage of my absence to create a mysterious Beanie Baby centerpiece for my table.


We were assured that it had some meaningful message and were challenged by “Her Strangeness” to figure it out.  Well, we couldn’t.  We stared at this group of creatures for about two weeks and then just gave up.  She finally told me the key to solve the puzzle and with some help, we FINALLY got it.  Keep in mind that Tama’s brain is not like other folks’.  It operates on a system of pulleys and levers maintained by a fleet of hamsters living in her noggin, so I warn you this is no easy puzzle.  I’ll award a fabulous prize to anyone who can decipher the meaning and post it here.  I’ll help you out by providing the creature/name of each, but that’s as far as I can go.  I will say that it helps if you’ve been a frequent reader of the kittybunnychicken, but someone may be able to solve it without this background.  Good luck!

FLASH the Peacock

HOOT the owl

DINKY the DoDo Bird

LURKEY the Turkey

TWIGS the Giraffe

WISH the Starfish

5 thoughts on “It’s a Mystery to Me

  1. OK, no one has come close. It’s so simple, but my simple brain (and even Jim’s could not get it) Ready? My daughter Hannah is the peacock named Flashy. If you don’t know her, trust me…she’s “flashy”. Next the owl named Hoot is Jim. Tama thinks Jim is super smart. He’s smart about most things but please don’t pick him as a partner in Pictionary. You’ll regret it. Next, I’m Dinky the DoDo Bird. Thanks for calling me “Dinky” anyway. Lurkey the Turkey is Tama. Tru Dat!, Twigs the giraffe is Dennis (Duh!) and Wish the starfish is Meggie, their daughter who is attending a performing arts university in Los Angeles and who will certainly become a big STAR one day. Mystery solved.

  2. Well, I was making it harder than it was and trying to come up with a rhyme or something. Now at least my brain can take a break from this madness. 🙂

  3. Agree. I was giving the girl too much credit for creating some mysterious, meaningful message, when what she was really doing was being weird. AS USUAL! 🙂

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