The Man Cave

Every little dude needs a place to hang out and bond with his bros after a hard day of sleepin’, eatin’, playin’ and poopin’!  Stormy is no exception.

Welcome to my MAN CAVE!

Welcome to my MAN CAVE!

He and Mr. Mulder spend lots of time in here listing to the RAT Pack and watchin’ their favorite TV show on the wide-screen. (Tom & Jerry)  This place is tricked out with a sweet pool table, a cooler full of cat nip and a couple of BARK  O’ Loungers with cup holders.  (Um…make that MEOW O’ Loungers)  This little retreat is for boys only so I’ve never been inside.



 When he’s not in the Feline Fortress he can often be found stalking a sunbeam on the kitchen floor.

Wowdy taught me about sunbeams. :)

Wowdy taught me about sunbeams. 🙂

No one loves a sunbeam more than my large lady Rowdy. 🙂


 Buster Man has an outdoor man cave during the summer months.  He loves to hide under the Adirondack chairs in the back yard and nibble clover.  It can get too hot for him some days so I give him an ice block to lean against and a water bowl full of melting ice.

Pretty sweet hideout Bustie.

Pretty sweet hideout Bustie.

But there is one place that little Stormy likes to be most of all…

Bliss. :)

Bliss. 🙂




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