Meet & Greet

Lil’ Stormy is pretty lonely.  Having all your siblings drown and losing your mommy is rough on a tiny little puffball.  He met a new friend yesterday but this chick didn’t have fur so he didn’t quite know what to do with her.

She's harmless Stormy.  don't let the crazy eyes fool you.

She’s harmless Stormy. don’t let the crazy eyes fool you.

Rowdy was mildly interested but she had lots of napping to do, so she didn’t really have time for the little guy.

Are you my mommy?

Are you my mommy?

I put Stormy next to Mulder, but the little guy started to nurse on him! Mulder was NOT amused.

That was quite uncomfortable!

That was embarrassing!

There seems to be some other cats his size in the house, but they’re not responding to his charms.

Should I tell this dude it's not December?

Should I tell this dude it’s not December?

Maybe these guys will play with me.

They look pretty wild and crazy!  Mostly wild.

They look pretty wild and crazy! Mostly wild.

So if you find yourself with nothing to do, please drop by to share some love with a sweet kitten who’s all alone in the world.  Until Mr. Mulder decides to take on his kitten duties, Stormy’s human parents will do the best they can.



2 thoughts on “Meet & Greet

  1. OH, so sad stormy doesn’t have at least one sibling to play with, but it’s nice to know he’s in the best human hands on earth 🙂

  2. Usually Mr. Mulder steps up and befriends these little guys, but Stormy tries to nurse on him every time they get near each other so Mulder flees! 😦 Can’t say that I blame him.

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