Lone Survivor


I got an email from the shelter saying they had a kitten who needed a foster mom.  A whole litter got caught in the flooding these past few days and they had washed up in a man’s back yard.  Only one was alive.  It’s been a long time since I’ve had a foster kitten, and I was thrilled to be able to accept the job.  The little guy spent the night at the shelter sleeping and nursing from a “borrowed” mommy.  On the drive over this morning I was thinking of naming him “Noah” but when I got there to pick him up they had already named him.

Meet "Stormy"

Meet “Stormy”


4 thoughts on “Lone Survivor

    • Sherrie, folks are always telling me how wonderful I am for sheltering these babies, but they have no idea that I do it for VERY selfish reasons. They are so fun to have in the house and they give Mr. Mulder someone to play with. The other old ladies ignore him. Thanks for all the work you do for animals. Sometimes I like them more than people.

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