Furry Houseguest

We’ve had a boarder for the past couple of months.

Meet Tony

Meet Tony

Tony is our daughter’s cat and he’s been staying with us while she relocates to a new state.  He’s a very nice guy, but he has claws, and he’s a boy, so he kept our other cats in a state of high alert when he was around.  We did our best to make a peaceful home for all but I will admit that it was a relief to finally take him to his real mommy in Mississippi last week.  While he was here, we enjoyed his exotic looks and swaggering personality.  He’s a very beautiful cat with a sweet nature.

We think he enjoyed his brief stay with his grandparents and cousin kitties (and bunny)

We think he enjoyed his brief stay with his grandparents and cousin kitties (and bunny)

While he was with us, Jim had loads of fun coming up with alternative names for this guy.  His favorite was Tony Baloney, but Jim has a fruitful imagination (and apparently too much time on his hands) so here were some other monikers, this kitty answered to:

Tony Macaroni, Tony Mascarpony, Tony Abalone, Tony Home-Aloney, Tony Cannelloni, Tony Telephoney, Tony Rigatoni, Tony Alimony, Tony Pepperoni, Tony Zamboni, Tony Rice-a-Roni…you get the picture.

While I was home I took a picture of my mom’s chicken “Floppy”.  Mom and Dad have over 50 Rhode Island Reds on their property, but Floppy is special because of her weird, oversized comb.

What are YOU lookin' at?

What are YOU lookin’ at?

She also loves people and getting treats at the kitchen door.

What's for breakfast? BUKAWWWK!

What’s for breakfast? BUKAWWWK!

Farewell, Tony!  We’ll miss you!  Rowdy, you can come down from the bookcase now.



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