No, I’m not smokin’ crack and yes, I said SEAGULL!  Gina, from the Alabama Wildlife Center, called me this afternoon to see if I could meet a truck driver to get an injured Seagull and transport it to the bird rehab center in Pelham, AL.  The driver had been leaving Gulfport when she saw a bird in the median of a busy road who seemed to be injured.  She pulled her 18 wheeler over, got out in traffic and grabbed the bird.  She put him on the front seat with her two travelling companions and got back on the road.

Brandi the Road Angel & her travelling buddies, Nonnie & Joe.

Brandi the Road Angel & her travelling buddies, Nonnie & Joe.

Apparently her puppies were quite bored with the bird and didn’t bother him during the ride.  I met her at the Mitylene exit in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

Have seagull, will travel.

Have seagull, will travel.

Brandi told me this was not a new experience for her and that she rescues animals several times a year on her travels across the country.  She has many rescue dogs at her home that she saved from the road.

She named this little guy ARK.  (Almost Road Kill)

She named this little guy ARK.
(Almost Road Kill)

My original plan was to drive Ark to the bird sanctuary near Birmingham, but meantime Gina found a volunteer in the Montgomery area who could keep him overnight and drive him first thing in the morning.  The center would have been closed by the time I got there.  The volunteer called my cell and gave me directions to her home.

LaDonna is a local artist who has work in the SAC's Gallery here in Montgomery

LaDonna is a local artist who has work in the SAC’s Gallery here in Montgomery

She’s been a bird rescuer for many years and has only lost one creature under her care during this time.

It’s quite an experience for me to get to meet these awesome people who give so generously of their time to help animals.  I never even knew there was a whole network of rescuers helping everything from native birds to bunnies to cats and dogs.  Apparently even truck drivers are part of this web of super heroes.  Brandi’s truck slogan shows that she has a partnership with someone very high up the love chain.

The Big Man is her co-pilot!

The Big Man is her co-pilot!

I was honored to be a very small part of this little rescue.  If you want to keep up with Ark, just check out the Alabama Wildlife Site and while you’re there, consider giving a donation. http://www.awrc.org/  These folks are truly doing great work and they need our support.

What was Jim doing during all this excitement and on his last day of furlough?



He did have some expert help though.

Mr. Mom

Mr. Mom

Godspeed little Ark.  Great meeting you!

DSC00658Post Script: (10/7/13) Very sorry to say that Ark didn’t make it through the night.  He must have had some internal injuries.  Sorry that little fella didn’t make it, but still grateful to the folks who tried their best.  😦


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