Mew x Five = FUN!

Mulder has been in a funk since Amy & Andy went to the shelter for adoption.

I need more kittens. :(

I need more kittens. 😦

He was in luck because my pal Debbie had a litter born to her barn cat Bella, and was hoping I could take them after they were weaned to go to Mulder’s training camp for indigent kitties.  (Bella is getting her “surgery” this week!)

Debbie, you’ll remember, is my friend who gave Rosie, Daisy and Violet a home when they had to vacate our neighborhood.  Daisy now lives with about twenty of Debbie’s chickens on her beautiful farm.  You’ll also remember the tragic event last summer when wild dogs killed half her flock including my Violet and Rosie.  Debbie said since that awful day, Daisy is a loner who spends time at the edge of the chicken yard doing her own thing, although she gets along fine with all the other chickens.  I was happy to see her running toward me as I approached the gate.

I hope she brought grapes!

I hope she brought grapes!

Of course I did, silly girl!  Now show me you still got it!

Aw, come on, you can do better than that!

Aw, come on, you can do better than that!

THAT'S what I'm talkin' about girlfriend! :)

THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about girlfriend! 🙂

Debbie said she roosts next to her protector, Claude, and she still lays the occasional egg.  I really miss that chicken and I wasn’t about to leave without a hug from my sweet little bird.


She’s the only chicken Debbie (or anyone) can catch from her little flock.  It was great to see her doing well and I’m hatching a plan to get her back to the Burlingame ranch to live out her golden years in luxury and ease.  More on that later.  Hush, hush!

So It was time for the kitten transfer and Debbie was getting a little misty.  She really loves animals and wanted to keep them all but knew that wasn’t feasible.  Out of the seven babies, she did keep two and I became the adopted mom of the rest.

We live in a chicken coop! It's super fun!

We live in a chicken coop! It’s super fun!

We put them in my kitty carrier and off we drove to live in a house and learn about litter boxes, furniture, cat toys, vacuum cleaners & MR. MULDER!

Don't worry Debbie.  They're going to Kitty Disneyland.

Don’t worry Debbie. They’re going to Kitty Disneyland.

I heard not a peep out of anyone on the 45 minute ride home and even now I have not heard a single meow.  Eventually one little guy/gal came out to explore but he/she went right back in.


This is the strangest chicken coop I’ve ever seen.

I haven’t come up with names yet because Jim has to determine all the sexes (Hey, everyone needs a talent).  I have named one kid with the white around his/her muzzle.

Meet "Muzzy"

Meet “Muzzy”

The whole time I was setting up the Kitty Kamp in my office, Miss Rowdy watched from a chair.  She’s seen countless litters come and go and she was unimpressed as always with their cute fuzziness.

Big woop.  I'm cuter than that.

Big woop. I’m cuter than that.

So, come one, come all to the B’game kitten farm.  (Jill you know it’s time!) I expect to have these babies for about two weeks.  I can find homes for any of them on my own since they are not shelter cats, but whoever takes one, must promise to get shots and surgeries for them.


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