Visionary Violet

A friend sent me a link to a website that she thought I might be interested in.  It’s a local organization called EAT South and they are dedicated to sustainable farming/food/lifestyle and education. Here’s a bit of information on what they do:

Mission Statement:

EAT South encourages healthy lifestyles through education and sustainable food production in urban areas throughout the Southeast.


EAT South envisions communities across the Southeast that have access to fresh, healthy, affordable food and the knowledge about food preparation that supports a healthy lifestyle.

Core Values:

Access to fresh healthy food is a basic human right A healthy diet includes significant quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables Supporting local food production is good for our economy and our health Sustainable food production reduces the environmental impact of our food system and supports healthy lifestyles Well-designed communities encourage long-term healthy lifestyles.

If  you want to learn more, you can go to their website:

Why am I bothering to make blog post about this you might ask?  Well, I was on their homepage reading about their work and I saw an old friend in their promotional materials.  Do you see her? (click to enlarge)


There’s my sweet chicken Violet in the second picture.  Some of you will remember that Rosie, Daisy and Violet lived at Hampstead Farms for a brief period before they moved to my friend Debbie’s farm.  You can read about that in my retired blog

The two post in particular that document their move are here:  and

On the day this picture was taken the Montessori kids had just been introduced to the girls by a crazy woman in a chicken suit.  (Man that thing was HOT!)  So Violet obliged a young farmer with a hug and someone took a picture.  I was both happy and sad to see this and I just wanted to write about it.  Hope it made you smile.  Nice to see that the legacy of my little backyard experiment lives on in some small way.  Good seeing you again my little alpha chick! 🙂

Violet, April 2011

Violet, April 2011

8 thoughts on “Visionary Violet

  1. As I think of Violet’s tenacity, Daisy’s carefree way of living, and Rosie’s shy little self, it makes me wonder. Your chickens were raised with daily contact love and care and their differences truly emerged, and that’s what made them lovable and special. Chickens without this kind of contact do not usually emerge as such unique critters, widely differentiated among others. You did good, Deb! Long live the memories. Better quit rambling before my eyes fill up again with tears. Oops too late, sob…..I miss those crazy birds.

    • Yes, Debbie and the funny thing is that their personalities were evident in the first week I had them. I think most animals are unique and special but when they are raised in large groups for factory farming they never get to express their specialness and the owner/farmer just sees them all as a throng of animals. I miss them too. Now go give Daisy a big hug from me! 🙂

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