Navin Johnson-The Sequel

Some may remember a previous post about a little black kitten who came to live with me for a while.

The shelter had asked me to “un-feral” him.  He became very tame and sweet, so I took him to the shelter for adoption.  Apparently he was returned to the shelter with ringworm and was again in need of some intensive care to cure his ailment.  Ringworm is very contagious to humans and other animals; so as much as we hated to do it, we had to isolate him from our critters.  We played with him as much as possible and gave him his pills and his ointment, but we had to wash our hands and clothes thoroughly after each encounter.  It wasn’t fun, but necessary and now I’m happy to say that the little guy is well and playing happily with his best buddy, Mr. Mulder once again.

I remember this guy!

I remember this guy!

I’m supposed to return him as soon as he’s well, but I figure, this little fella has been through so much, that he deserves a nice little week-long vacation at Casa de Burlingame.  If any neighbors would like to come by and give Navin a test drive as a potential family member, I “know people” who could make this happen. 🙂

No Mulder, we can't keep him.  Sorry :(

No Mulder, we can’t keep him. Sorry 😦

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