Scarlett’s Travels

Scarlett is the cute yellow chick on my blog homepage.  If you recall in my previous blogs, she began her life in the spring of 2012 with my Daddy in Purvis, Mississippi. He tried to hatch a clutch of eggs in an incubator but only one chick popped out.

My dad is way cooler than he looks.  He's a retired Navy pilot and chicken farmer extraordinaire!

My dad is way cooler than he looks. He’s a retired Navy pilot and chicken farmer extraordinaire!

Because he was not set up to care for a single chick properly, I took her home to live with our family until she was old enough to live in a coop.


We really enjoyed her and she got along with all our animals.

Buster deserves a medal!

Buster deserves a medal!

But since we have this stupid rule in our neighborhood that we can’t have pet chickens, we had to find her a home when she got too big to keep in the house.

That "squawkward" stage.

That “squawkward” stage.

As you know, my good friend Debbie had already given homes to our sweet girls Daisy, Rosie and Violet the previous year, so when I called her to see if she would take Scarlett, she said, “Sure! The more the merrier.”  The only problem with this plan was that it’s not easy to integrate a lone chicken into an established flock.  So Debbie kept Scarlett close to her house in a separate coop but let her run around the premises with her new friend Carlos.  Carlos was another chicken that Debbie had inherited from a family who couldn’t keep her (despite the name, Carlos was actually a girl! :)) It worked out perfectly because these two beautiful Rhode Island Reds bonded and became BFFs.

Debbie was thrilled to have two sweet “house chickens” to live near her and they became tame and friendly to everyone.  All was well until the day a dog got into Debbie’s yard and injured Carlos badly.  The good news was that Carlos made  a full recovery and the two chickens returned to their lives of begging for treats, scratching for bugs and enjoying the life of very pampered chickens–That is until the dog came back.  This time he injured Scarlett and, unfortunately, killed Carlos.  Debbie was devastated.

She couldn’t risk keeping Scarlett near her house anymore, plus Scarlett was used to having Carlos as a constant companion, so she would be lonely.  Debbie tried to introduce her to the gang up the hill (she has about 40-plus chickens) but they picked-on/pecked her and let her know she wasn’t welcome.  She called me for advice and I immediately thought of my friends, GT and Leigh.  They have a lovely place in the country and GT has raised chickens for several years now.  I recently took my foster chicken Miss Rhoda to his house to live and I thought that maybe she might be a good friend to Miss Scarlett.  Rhoda and Scarlett would be the only mature chickens on the place because GT currently has a small flock of young chickens who have not yet reached maturity.  We crossed our fingers and made a plan to meet at GT’s house for the introductions.

Leigh leads the way to Scarlett's new "Chicken Shack"

Leigh leads Debbie to Scarlett’s new “Chicken Shack”

Debbie nervously put her pet down in foreign territory and hoped for the best.

Try to play nice with others!

Try to play nice with others!

Rhoda did NOT roll out the “welcome wagon.”  Instead she walked over to poor Scarlett and gave her a nip on the noggin.

Show some manners Miss Rhoda!

Show some manners Miss Rhoda!

It wasn’t long, however, before the two decided to reach an agreement.

OK, let's make some rules...

OK, let’s make some rules…

Debbie left GT’s place with some sadness and nervousness about the whole thing, but she felt she was doing the best thing for Scarlett.  (I know how she feels.)  The update to this story is that I spoke to GT this morning and he told me that Miss Rhoda and Miss Scarlett are best buddies and they hang out all day together tormenting an adolescent rooster named Baby Legs. 🙂  Because of GT and Leigh, this story has a happy ending.  THANKS GUYS!!!

If you two were any cuter, you'd be puppies. :)

If you two were any cuter, you’d be puppies. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Scarlett’s Travels

  1. He got away. Debbie and Walter think they know who owns him, but there is no proof. They are the kind of pet owners who don’t take care of their animals and just let them run wild and breed. Evil.

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