The Prodigal Bun

I’ll keep this short and sweet…Dave’s new owner was unprepared for the demands of bunny ownership.  She was a nice person with good intentions, but a group decision was made by all that Dave should come home.  The original reason I found a new home for him was that he and Buster were fighting and the situation was not good for either of them.  So, my plan was to bring my little wascally wabbit back into the house, but to keep him in a separate room from The Busterman.



I first re-introduced these guys in the back yard.  This is neutral territory with plenty of room to run from teeth and claws if need be.


Maybe if I pway weally hard, this will work out OK.

Or maybe if I just try my best to look super cute and jaunty...

Or maybe if I just try my best to look super cute and jaunty…

Chill out Buster, he's an OK dude.  Us guys gotta stick together.

Chill out Buster, he’s an OK dude. Us guys gotta stick together.

So the yard experiment went OK, but the real test was putting these guys in the same house and hoping for harmony and non-violent bunny interactions.  Mulder was instrumental in these peace talk negotiations.

Let me work on Buster dude. We go way back.

Let me work on Buster, dude. We go way back.

So after a day of trying to keep these guys separate and realizing that my home is just too small to house creatures in separate rooms, I took a chance and offered the guys a chance discuss things over a nice meal.  Food always calms my inner beast so I thought it might work.

Thanks for sharing Buster.  I promise to give you space when you're grouchy.

Thanks for sharing Buster. I promise to give you space when you’re grouchy.

I'm grouchy a lot!

I’m grouchy a lot!

So my prodigal bun has returned home, and for now things are going smoothly.  The guys live in my office with two separate bunny lairs.  They go to their respective corners when either of them is in the mood for solitude.  I’ve seen a few head-butts and lunges, but so far (crossing fingers) these two handsome lagomorphs (look it up) are co-existing well, and I’ve even seen a recent cuddle or two when they thought no one was looking.

I guess you do what you have to do when it comes to the creatures you bring into your life.  I’m actually glad this all happened the way it did, because it made me realize that Dave Burlingame is an integral part of my crazy family and worth all the effort.  I hope his little vacation to another home wasn’t too traumatic for him.  But if it was, he’s not showing any signs of trauma.

They were nice, but I like it here better.

They were nice, but I like it here better.

Mulder, too is glad that all the excitement is over.  He took a well-deserved rest after his negotiating skills were no longer required.

He finally caught a "mouse"

He finally caught a “mouse”


4 thoughts on “The Prodigal Bun

  1. I used to read the newspaper each morning – Wall Street Journal, Montgomery Advertiser, Garden Today – but now, I just turn to ” Kitty, Bunny Chicken.” I’ve lost weight, my vision is better and the gray is leaving my hair. Who knew? The amazing restorative effects of a neighborhood muse…. Erma Bombeck, you ain’t never had nuttin’ on Deb Burlingame! I’m going to contact those Swedes at Nobel. I smell a peace prize here!

    • Mr. Gerachis, While I’d like to take credit for your weight loss, restored vision and darkening locks I must direct the credit to your fabulous, youthful attitude toward life. You are a ray of sunshine to everyone who crosses your path. It is my pleasure to call you “friend”. The peace prize goes to Mr. Mulder but I’ll take the comparison to Mrs. Bombeck ANYDAY! I miss having adult beverages with you and your long-suffering wife. We must remedy this situation soon. Please return to reading the WSJ and Garden Today, but you’re prolly fine without the Montgomery Advertiser in your life. Just sayin’. Really, thanks for the nice words. Made my day. 🙂

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