And Then There Were Two

The smallest of my goldfish died this morning while I was cleaning the bowl.  I put Moe, Larry and Curley in a separate container while I was cleaning and when I started to put them back, Curley was lifeless.  He was the smallest, so maybe he was sick.  The other two are doing fine and they ate their breakfast and have been swimming happily all day.  I hope Curley’s last days in Bikini Bottom were fun.  😦  I can’t have just two stooges so I am soliciting names for my two remaining fish.  Give me your best suggestions for a fishy pair of pets.  Be creative!

Meanwhile, I guess I’ll just console myself with these two.

Meet PB & Jay :)

Meet PB & Jay 🙂

Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy!

Jim and I had a fun outdoor dinner experience last night in Cloverdale under some beautiful old oak trees.  If you’re interested in adventures in eating, you might wanna check out a new site called Eateasy Montgomery.  They put together interesting monthly dinners featuring local or visiting chefs.  Our food was great and our table was “decorated” with three goldfish bowls housing one little fish swimming around for our dining enjoyment.  I had assumed these little creatures were “borrowed” from someplace for the evening, but toward the end of the meal the guests were invited to take a fish home. (or two, or three, or twelve).  I couldn’t get a clear answer about the fate of the unchosen fishes so I poured all three of our table’s fish population into one bowl and headed for the car.  Jim had to drive slowly to avoid sloshing them onto the floorboard.  After an unfruitful search for fish food at a couple of grocery stores, we were finally successful! (Choose Rite Aid for all your piscitarious needs)  After we got home I solicited a neighborhood plea for some distilled water (Thanks, Dennis!) and we settled them down for the night in a flower vase.  I did post a request on our neighborhood website for anyone to come get them if they were inclined to offer a home to three little golden swimmers, but alas, no takers.

After a fun trip to the Pet Supermarket and a long talk with the “fish person” I was confident that I could keep these guys healthy and add them to my already too-big menagerie.  After fixing up a snazzy habitat for them, I think Moe, Larry & Curley will fit in just fine.

Spongebob & Squidward couldn't be happier!

Spongebob & Patrick couldn’t be happier!


Tama took some cute photos of the dynamic duo in my back yard yesterday.

photo (2)

Buster always chooses the same chair to sit in when his “people” are outdoors enjoying nice weather.  No one ever disturbs him. We just drag another chair into the circle if all the seats are full.  Dave decided to join us and Buster allowed him to share his throne.  🙂 The weather began to look inclement so Dave sheltered his buddy with an available ear.

photo (5)

Cuteness on Crack! 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and I got an early Mommyday gift from Daisy.  She’s not too good with technology so she got her new chick mommy, Debbie to take her picture and send it to me.  Isn’t she beautiful?  All three of my former pets are living the good life on Debbie’s beautiful farm.  Thank you Daisy for the perfect gift and thank you Debbie for helping her send it.  🙂

Daisy turns 2 006

Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

While I’m at it, I want to wish my mom a happy Mother’s Day as well.


Two great lookin’ chicks!

What the heck!  Here’s picture of both my parents.


Peg & Bill: American Gothic

It’s easy to see where I get my stunning good looks right? 🙂

Hope Mother’s Day weekend is lovely for all of you who will be with their mommies in person or in spirit.  Sending you a virtual hug Peg Peg!  ( )

Spring Has Sprung!

The weather has gotten so lovely and mild, we’ve begun to let the buns in the yard to run around and enjoy the grass.  Dave thinks Spring is AWESOME!  Buster likes it OK too, but he’s seen it all before.


Is it like this all the time Buster? Is that a flower? Do bunnies eat bugs? Why is the sky blue? How long does spring last? Are birds dangerous? Wanna race? How high can you jump? Why won’t you play with me? What’s that smell?

If you walked by my back yard recently, you might have thought “Debbie done lost her mind!”  She just got rid of one coop, and now she has another one!


Well, technically it IS a small chicken coop, but I ordered it from the internet and it wasn’t very expensive.  Of course, it’s not up to the Jim Burlingame standards of coop construction, but it is quite functional for two wascally wabbits to lounge in during mild weather.  When we’re not around to supervise and the weather is between 50-80 degrees (officially approved pet bunny outdoor temps, by the way) we let them hang outside in their bunny lair.  Just like our old chicken coop, it has an open bottom so they can nibble grass, but it has an upstairs too so they can sit on an old rug and chew sticks and watch the world go by.  On hot days I put a frozen water block inside so they can lean against it to keep cool.  This coop weighs about 1/3 and is about half the size of Rosie, Daisy & Violet’s old house so it’s quite manageable to keep clean and to move about the yard.  Stop by anytime to inspect this cute little backyard addition.  You’ll find us having “Bunny Time” most nights and if you’re lucky we’ll offer you an adult beverage to go with the entertainment.  Happy Spring!


Pssssssst, you gotta key for this thing?