Update on the Ancient One

Some may remember that a few months ago, we were preparing to say adieu to our 18-year-old kitty Miss Missy.  She had begun the tell-tale signs of checking out and we were sad, but grateful that she didn’t seem to be in any distress.  Then, after about two weeks of the death watch, she rallied and returned to a (somewhat) normal cat-like life in our home.  While she’s still not 100% accurate with her litter box and her appetite is greatly reduced, the old girl seems to have decided to stay with us for a little longer.  She sleeps a lot and finds comfortable positions for her arthritis.


Just right.

She still grooms herself to the best of her ability and shows remarkable agility for an animal who is 90 years old (it is 5 to 1 for cat years right?)



But her favorite thing of all is to cuddle with her favorite guy especially on a warm spring day.


Jim and his old lady.

How grateful we are to share our lives with our wonderful animal family.  Hope you and yours have the same privilege and if you are in need of some furry companionship, just trot down to your local animal shelter and give a happy home to a needy critter.


Happy Spring!

Jim, Deb, Missy, Buster, Rowdy, Sammy, Mr. Mulder and DAVE!

DSC00300 - Copy

Dave’s pretty Easter visitors. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Update on the Ancient One

  1. Cindy and I have a male cat, Scratchy, that is 18 years old. Billy Campbell gave the cat to us when it was a kitten. I have Scratchy’s photos in my “Pets” album on my facebook page.

    Scratchy’s appetite has diminished over the past two years. He has never used a litter box, always going to the door and yowling to go out. But, he drinks a lot more water and has to urinate more frequently. Otherwise, he’s about the same. He still has agility (when needed) and is still the alpha male cat of the house/yard. He has been my cat as Miss Missy is Jim’s. I know the day is coming and I dread it. Until then, I’ll enjoy the ones Scratchy and I have left.

    • Mark, please give Scratchy my very best wishes. He sounds like a tough dude. If he began life with Billy Campbell he’d need to made of strong stuff. 🙂 I wish he and Miss Missy could get together over a glass of Metamucil and discuss the trails of old age. I iwill go look at Scratchy’s pictures now.

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