Ocean Springs Odyssey

A few weeks ago Jim and I took a trip to Ocean Springs Herb, Garden & Art Festival, to give an urban chicken talk and donate our coop to the city.  The Mayor of OS and I had become acquainted over a year ago when we were both undergoing a chicken crisis of sorts; hers involving a popular rooster with his own Facebook page http://mychickendiary.com/2011/11/20/running-afowl-of-the-law/ and mine involving the eviction of my former pets. http://mychickendiary.com/2012/01/20/we-tried-our-best/  Ocean Springs is a beautiful little city on the Gulf Coast which our family is familiar with.  Jim was stationed at Keesler AFB in the late 80s where he flew the EC130 during Desert Storm.  Keesler is minutes away from Ocean Springs and we enjoyed many fun afternoons there enjoying the quaint and historic downtown area.  The city of Ocean Springs is progressive and forward thinking when it comes to urban chicken keeping as well.  Chickens are allowed and encouraged in the city limits and many citizens are outfitting their back yards with lovely coops and fluffy egg-making machines.  Our coop will be an addition to a city park with city chicken ambassadors.  The trip would not have been possible without the help of our favorite PEEPS the Adam’s family.  🙂


Have HITCH will travel!

Dennis pulled a trailer behind his car while we caravanned to the coast.  We borrowed the trailer from our pal and fellow chicken lover GT.  Dennis and Tama were the victims of several readings of my speech as well (sorry guys). It turns out I was nervous for nothing because my talk was attended by a sparse and forgiving crowd who generously listened to me read the story of my adventure with backyard chickens.


Had no idea that my reading glasses add 10 years and 10% extra goofy to my appearance.

Halfway through my talk, Jim jumped in to demonstrate all the bells and whistles of our beautiful coop.


Awesome shirt Jim!

I brought several chicken-related props and photos from my blog.


In addition to hauling our coop for us, Tama served as photographer and schlepper extraordinaire during our trip.


She fancied herself Captain Jean Luc Picard sitting in this weird “Starship Enterprise” chair in our hotel room. ENGAGE!

The coop drew a lot of attention and we hope it provides many years of service to the city.


Coop envy!


Mayor Connie Moran (currently running for re-election!) You got my vote Connie!

When we weren’t hauling, unloading, setting up or repacking stuff, we enjoyed some of the wonderful attractions of this great little town.


If you have never indulged in a TATO NUT, your life has been empty and sad. We stood in line for a long while to dine on these morsels of heaven, born of the deep fryer.

I won’t tell you how many of these Tama ate, but it is a shameful number I can assure you.

Until the city park is complete, our coop is in the capable hands of my cousin Doug who is the curator of the Walter Anderson Museum of Art in Ocean Springs. http://walterandersonmuseum.org/  Mention you know me and after he finishes laughing he’ll give you a personalized tour of this fabulous, not-to-be-missed attraction on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.


Doug and his buddy Cosmo.

It’s a relief to have the final reminder of my chicken journey out of my backyard and in a place where it will serve its original purpose.  Thank you Dennis & Tama for helping us and making the trip a fun and memorable mini-vacation.  We sure had a cluckin’ good time didn’t we? 🙂

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