Update on the Ancient One

Some may remember that a few months ago, we were preparing to say adieu to our 18-year-old kitty Miss Missy.  She had begun the tell-tale signs of checking out and we were sad, but grateful that she didn’t seem to be in any distress.  Then, after about two weeks of the death watch, she rallied and returned to a (somewhat) normal cat-like life in our home.  While she’s still not 100% accurate with her litter box and her appetite is greatly reduced, the old girl seems to have decided to stay with us for a little longer.  She sleeps a lot and finds comfortable positions for her arthritis.


Just right.

She still grooms herself to the best of her ability and shows remarkable agility for an animal who is 90 years old (it is 5 to 1 for cat years right?)



But her favorite thing of all is to cuddle with her favorite guy especially on a warm spring day.


Jim and his old lady.

How grateful we are to share our lives with our wonderful animal family.  Hope you and yours have the same privilege and if you are in need of some furry companionship, just trot down to your local animal shelter and give a happy home to a needy critter.


Happy Spring!

Jim, Deb, Missy, Buster, Rowdy, Sammy, Mr. Mulder and DAVE!

DSC00300 - Copy

Dave’s pretty Easter visitors. 🙂

Ocean Springs Odyssey

A few weeks ago Jim and I took a trip to Ocean Springs Herb, Garden & Art Festival, to give an urban chicken talk and donate our coop to the city.  The Mayor of OS and I had become acquainted over a year ago when we were both undergoing a chicken crisis of sorts; hers involving a popular rooster with his own Facebook page http://mychickendiary.com/2011/11/20/running-afowl-of-the-law/ and mine involving the eviction of my former pets. http://mychickendiary.com/2012/01/20/we-tried-our-best/  Ocean Springs is a beautiful little city on the Gulf Coast which our family is familiar with.  Jim was stationed at Keesler AFB in the late 80s where he flew the EC130 during Desert Storm.  Keesler is minutes away from Ocean Springs and we enjoyed many fun afternoons there enjoying the quaint and historic downtown area.  The city of Ocean Springs is progressive and forward thinking when it comes to urban chicken keeping as well.  Chickens are allowed and encouraged in the city limits and many citizens are outfitting their back yards with lovely coops and fluffy egg-making machines.  Our coop will be an addition to a city park with city chicken ambassadors.  The trip would not have been possible without the help of our favorite PEEPS the Adam’s family.  🙂


Have HITCH will travel!

Dennis pulled a trailer behind his car while we caravanned to the coast.  We borrowed the trailer from our pal and fellow chicken lover GT.  Dennis and Tama were the victims of several readings of my speech as well (sorry guys). It turns out I was nervous for nothing because my talk was attended by a sparse and forgiving crowd who generously listened to me read the story of my adventure with backyard chickens.


Had no idea that my reading glasses add 10 years and 10% extra goofy to my appearance.

Halfway through my talk, Jim jumped in to demonstrate all the bells and whistles of our beautiful coop.


Awesome shirt Jim!

I brought several chicken-related props and photos from my blog.


In addition to hauling our coop for us, Tama served as photographer and schlepper extraordinaire during our trip.


She fancied herself Captain Jean Luc Picard sitting in this weird “Starship Enterprise” chair in our hotel room. ENGAGE!

The coop drew a lot of attention and we hope it provides many years of service to the city.


Coop envy!


Mayor Connie Moran (currently running for re-election!) You got my vote Connie!

When we weren’t hauling, unloading, setting up or repacking stuff, we enjoyed some of the wonderful attractions of this great little town.


If you have never indulged in a TATO NUT, your life has been empty and sad. We stood in line for a long while to dine on these morsels of heaven, born of the deep fryer.

I won’t tell you how many of these Tama ate, but it is a shameful number I can assure you.

Until the city park is complete, our coop is in the capable hands of my cousin Doug who is the curator of the Walter Anderson Museum of Art in Ocean Springs. http://walterandersonmuseum.org/  Mention you know me and after he finishes laughing he’ll give you a personalized tour of this fabulous, not-to-be-missed attraction on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.


Doug and his buddy Cosmo.

It’s a relief to have the final reminder of my chicken journey out of my backyard and in a place where it will serve its original purpose.  Thank you Dennis & Tama for helping us and making the trip a fun and memorable mini-vacation.  We sure had a cluckin’ good time didn’t we? 🙂

A Furry Bromance

Mulder and Dave made friends almost from day one.


Cuddle time.

Mulder set about teaching him all he’d need to know to live on the Burlingame farm.


It’s called a “tree” you cwazy wabbit!

All was well and happy for a little while…


Mulder wouldn’t let me take out the “red-eye” cuz he thought it looked super cool!



Dave, stop following me everywhere I go!

Dave’s hormones kicked in and he saw his big buddy as a “love interest”.


I’m not puttin’ up with much more of this you little fuzz ball!

Actually a maturing young bunny sees virtually everything as a “love interest” so things can get a bit hectic until you take the little guy to the vet for the “surgery that shall not be named!”  Mulder resorted to getting out of harm’s way whenever Dave was running loose in the house.


Shhhhh…don’t blow my cover!

In addition to trying to love up on anything that wasn’t running for the hills (poor Rowdy included) Dave started being aggressive toward Buster man.  An unaltered bunny will challenge any other bunny in the territory, so Dave was positioning himself to be the alpha bun!  I’ve had to keep them separated and Dave isolated until last Monday when I was able to take him for his appointment with destiny.  The little guy made it through with no trouble and we brought him home that evening, a little sore, confused and loaded with pain medication.  It can take up to a week for the hormones to die down so we’ll need to introduce the two buns carefully and slowly just like we did when we first brought Dave home.  I’m already seeing signs that Buster is accepting Dave, and Dave has decided that Buster makes a fine Alpha Male.  This is all quite normal in the world of bunny husbandry and something most folks should acquaint themselves with if they should decide to get a pet rabbit.  A neutered male or female is much happier and healthier and is apt to live a longer life.  Plus, this surgery is most helpful in calming down a rabbit who is prone to “missing” his litter box and marking territory.  I predict harmony and happiness in our herd very soon.  For Mulder, it could not come soon enough!


Is the coast clear?