What a beautiful Easter Sunday!  The Burlingame farm wishes you and yours a joyous Easter Sunday.


Explain this to me again? I’m s’posed to deliver these?

My little red bud tree cooperated nicely on this lovely spring day.


Buster was unavailable for photos this morning.  He’s resting up from his long night. This is the busiest day of the year for him since he became one of E.B’s assistants.  Mulder, however, got into the action this morning while he and Dave explored the basket of naturally colored Easter eggs.


Yes, Dave, chickens dyed these eggs! Aren’t chickens great! We used to have some. They were very nice. 😦

Dave & Buster are available all day for photo shoots with kids from age 0-100.  Appointment not necessary.  Parsley appreciated. 🙂

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