Happy Birthday Mr. Mulder!

My handsome little foster kitten turns one today!

First photo of Mr. M

Some will remember that Mulder was named because he looked like a small alien (Mulder & Skully from X-Files).  The shelter named him and it seemed to fit so it stuck.  His mom, Miss Lori already had seven kittens of her own but she found room for one more when the shelter needed a mom to take care of the little orphan.

Thanks for taking me in mom.

With one extra baby to feed, Miss Lori just didn’t have enough “faucets” for all her babies.  Mulder learned to work really hard to get his turn.

Get in there little guy, you can do it!

Mulder had many admirers in the neighborhood.  Visitors knocked on the door at all hours to see the little rascal.

Hi Mr. Andrew!

Don’t be scared. Mr. Dennis is a gentle giant.

He was so small we had to supplement his diet with a bottle


Num, num, num…

Eventually, he learned to drink milk from a saucer, although he was very, very messy!

I’m still learning!

We wanted to keep him, but we already had too many pets, so we tried hard to find a home for him with neighbors.


C’mon, I’m irresistible!

No one could take him so we were prepared to take him back to the shelter to be neutered and get his final shots, and then on to the kitten room to be adopted by a nice family.  Something told me, however, that this kitten belonged with us, and so after he recovered from his “surgery” I brought him home to live with us.


Don’t ever do that to me AGAIN!

Mulder was a great addition to our family and we’re so happy we kept him.  He’s a funny, crazy, sweet cat who enjoys helping with our foster adventures.

Stick with me kid, I’ll show you the ropes.

So join me in wishing Mr. Mulder a very happy birthday and exit from kitten-hood to adulthood!


I’m a big boy now!


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