Wavy, Crazy & Lazy

With the addition of our new bunny, we actually now have three “Dave Burlingames” in the family.  Jim’s nephew is a member of a band based in Chicago, Illinois called Cornmeal.  He goes by “Wavy Dave” and plays banjo and lead vocals in this great bluegrass group.  http://www.cornmealinthekitchen.com/




Then of course we have our little bunny with wild ears who always looks like a broken helicopter…



And we can’t forget the very first Dave Burlingame in the family, Jim’s brother.  He visits us often and never travels without tools and firearms so I can usually depend on him for several fix it jobs around the house.


Hot guys with chicks!

As long as I feed him, he’ll work like a dog and then recoup his energy for the next round of chores.



Of course, after he sees that I posted this picture, I’ll probably never get another lick of work outta him.  Love you lots Dave!  Come see me soon, and bring your tool belt.  🙂

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