Dave Meets a Toddler

Our friends and neighbors Bill & Marcie brought their little weeble to my house to meet Dave this week.  Miss Sylvia was a wiggling, back-arching, eye-rubbing adorable handful, and it made me tired just watching these youthful grandparents handle their little bundle of energy.  We tried valiantly to get a heartwarming photo of the happy family with MY little fluffy handful, but we were doubtful that any image would come out OK.  Sylvia was much more interested in deconstructing a PEZ dispenser than she was in a fluffy brown varmint.


Now how do I rip this head off?

Lo and behold, after they left I found this Norman Rockwell moment had somehow been captured.


Not too shabby!

My artistic abilities astound even me sometimes! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Dave Meets a Toddler

  1. Love this! Thanks, Deb, for your patience and artistic expertise! We will come back when Sylvia can better appreciate the finer aspects of bunnyhood.

    • Debbie, this picture does NOT tell the truth! 🙂 Dave was squirming, Sylvia and squrirming, and Bill and Marcie were doing all they could to to hold everything together while I took picutures hoping to get anything decent. 🙂

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