Chicken Check-in

Tama & I recently took a trip to Tuskegee to visit three old girlfriends.  Tama and Dennis were my excellent chicken baby sitters when Rosie, Daisy & Violet lived in my back yard a couple of years ago.  Tama hadn’t seen them since their departure so we arrived with grapes and old shoes to walk around the barn yard for some chicken love.


Debbie has over 40 chickens. Guess who met us at the gate as soon as we got out of the car? 🙂


My old pals congregated at Tama’s feet while I shot some “grape” action shots.


Ready…into position…


Any wonder who jumped first? 🙂


Double play!


And the blonde bombshell makes her move!


Leave it to Tama to look like a sexpot while holding a chicken. Sheesh!

After our fun reunion with our old friends, we went by Debbie’s house to visit my former foster chicken Scarlett and her BFF Carlos.  These two are “house chickens” and they prefer to live as a duo near the people coop where they are insured attention from the two-legged animals.  They roam free all day and are safely locked up in a coop at night that is right next to the garage.  Carlos was recently attacked by a stray dog and had much of her hiney bitten off.  Debbie took her to the vet and had her injuries stitched up.  Carlos was also given some pain medicine and a dose of antibiotic, so she will most likely make a full recovery.  She may never qualify for a chicken beauty pageant, but at least she’ll live to hang with her girlfriend and enjoy a normal chicken life for years to come.


Don’t worry Carlos, you can hardly notice it. 😦

And for those of you in need of a “Dave & Buster” update, here’s a couple of photos of the dynamic duo.


Happiness is a meal shared with a friend.


I got yer back little guy.

Thanks for checking in with the Burlingame Petting Zoo.  Hope your day is HOPPY! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Chicken Check-in

  1. Absolutely stunning photographs! Good subjects – uh, oh, did I just compliment Tama again? I had to laugh about what you wrote about Carlos getting bit in the hiney – so funny.

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