Rave For Dave

Please don’t tell Buster, but we are crazy about our new bunny!  Mr. Dave is very smart for a baby and we’re happy that he’s almost got the hang of his litter box.  He doesn’t mind being held either, and this is something Buster would never tolerate.  I can even put Dave in a trance by putting him on his wittle back and stroking his wittle head.


This is not very dignified!

Dave’s ears have a mind of their own and they rarely act in unison, giving him the “broken helicopter” look.:)


Call Sikorski for repairs please.

Dave is also a big hit with the ladies.


This lady is getting a little too personal!

Dave’s a very friendly little guy and he loves to chase cats!  Rowdy and Sammy don’t know what to think of this overgrown rat tearing at their heels.  Buster now allows him inside Thunderdome and they seem to be on the way to a great friendship.  Life is good here at the B’game ranch.  Hope yours is too. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Rave For Dave

  1. Dave is so cute!!! And Tama is beautiful with those gorgeous blue eyes! Deb, I guess you are all set for Easter now. I expect a big post at that time. Glad all is well at the Burlingame ranch 🙂

  2. Like I said Debbie, don’t compliment Tama! She’s already hard enough to be around. 🙂 Easter is a busy time around here, yes. Buster will have a little helper this year to deliver eggs. My sincere apologies to your chickens for our negligence yesterday! So glad they are all accounted for.

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