Dave & Buster

The new bunny introduction phase can take up to two weeks in some cases.  Buster is making some concessions for the little guy, but so far a love match has not been made.  Here’s a series of photos I took of the first nose-to-nose encounter between the whippersnapper and the Alpha-Bun.


What should I do Mulder?


Go over and check it out Busty. He looks pretty harmless?


Get this dude, I’m the boss around here, you got it?


OK, I guess you are kinda cute.

Even though this first meeting went well, Buster is still asserting mastery  over his domain.  I had to create a separate bunny area for each of them to inhabit while they learn to be BFFs (Bunny Friends 4-ever).  The linoleum has become the DMZ for the time being.  Buster won’t cross any un-carpeted floor surface, but Dave will.  So if Dave wears out his welcome on Buster’s side he gets “head-butted” back to his section.


Yes, I put linoleum in my laundry room. I’m old-school like that.

The visitors have begun arriving to meet the new member of the B’game Petting Zoo.  One night last week around 8:30 an unruly hot dog and her posse paid a visit to my door to meet Mr. Dave.  I greeted them in my fluffy pink fleece robe and flowery PJs.  (I am super hot in this ensemble, you’ll just have to trust me on this.)

DSC00026 (2)

Hudson Hot Dog and her gang of four.

This neighborhood is really going to the DOGS!

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