Dave’s Debut

Here are some more pictures of our little fuzzy man.


I am NOT a guinea pig!

Dave is a lion head mix.  He should grow to about 3-4 pounds and he’ll always be smaller than Buster.


Weirdest lookin’ kittten ever!

I’ve been asked why I got another bunny and where I got him from.  OK, here’s the story.  We thought Buster might be lonely.  All the bunny experts say that buns are very social creatures and prefer to have a friend to play with.  It has been about 3 years since his little sister Boo Boo died, and although he seems very contented with his human and feline family members, we suspected that his life would be more fun and happy with a buddy.  So, I started on Petfinder.com and other sites that featured foster bunnies that needed homes.  We had tried to socialize Buster with other bunnies before and had great success with babies. (Boo Boo & Bitsy).  Adult rabbits–not so much.  We fostered two other adult rabbits in our home but Buster never accepted them and he continually tried to bite and intimidate them.  Even the bunny books all say that an older bunny will more readily accept a baby as a new companion because the babies are not a threat to the Alpha-Bun’s turf.


He already likes Jim better than me. *sigh*

Well, there were no babies to be had within 500 miles of me.  I did contact two shelters who had babies but they informed me that they only placed locally.  So against deeply held beliefs about buying rabbits from pet stores, I broke my own rule.  Actually I had been trying to resist this little fluff ball for a few days.  I spied him in the store where I buy Missy’s cat food and had held him a few times.  I told myself that if he was still there on Saturday when I returned to the store, I would take him home and see if he’d make a good friend for Buster.  Am I rationalizing? Yes.  Do I advocate buying rabbits from pet stores? No.  Can you guys please forgive me?


How ’bout givin’ her a break, huh?

8 thoughts on “Dave’s Debut

  1. Dave is precious and you, in a sense, rescued him. You got him into his forever home. I still can’t support pet stores that sell pets!

  2. Forgiven! pet stores, breeders who don’t have a clue what they are doing except collecting money, etc…. ALL drive me up the wall!

    • I know! I have some consolation knowing that Dave came to a family who knows what’s involved with properly raising house bunnies. So many pet store buns are impulse buys, and the pet owners never make the effort to find out what’s required. The pet goes on to live a sad life in a cage or let go into the woods to become a snack for a bigger animal. 😦 Thanks for the forgiveness! 🙂

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