Return to Thunderdome

No, it’s not a new Mad Max movie.  It’s a happy tale of a bunny coming home from the vet.  THUNDERDOME is Tama’s name for Buster’s dome-shaped, chewed-up bunny lair.  I called this morning to see if he could come home and receive his medications from his mom & dad and they thought that would be a good idea.  I know my little guy will not be happy taking three medications by mouth twice a day, but he’s GOT to feel better in his own house with his people and his kitties.  Mulder told him he smelled funny and then started to groom him so he’d smell like a proper Burlingame.  He’s not out of the woods, but we’ve been told what to look for so we can monitor his recovery.  I won’t divulge the vet bill, but just imagine travelling to OUTRAGEOUS-TOWN and then crossing the street to  RIDICULOUS-VILLE.  Then you’ll be in the neighborhood.  Is he worth it?  Every penny. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Return to Thunderdome

  1. Kudos to my wonderful niece who has a big heart (and the necessary big pocketbook to go with it.) You make the world better one bunny, kitty and chicken at a time..

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