Bunny Boo Boo

Buster is at the vet.  He stopped eating and began chewing on the baseboards–both signs of a common bunny ailment known as GI Stasis.  I’ll save you the gruesome details but it is hard to treat and can be deadly if not caught early enough.  It’s what our little lion-head bunny died from two years ago.


Buster’s little sister and best friend, Boo Boo (2008-2009)

Fortunately he’s in the care of Dr. Glasscock, our vet who takes care of all the Burlingame critters, including you may remember, a certain yellow chicken who survived a feral cat attack.


Daisy’s hero.

Buster has enjoyed excellent health for five years and he’s a tough little guy, so we have high hopes he’ll be home soon.  I took all his favorite supplies to the vet so he could have everything as close to his home set-up as possible.  He’s on medication for his internal problem, infection and pain.  They had to sedate him to give him an x-ray and I took a picture of him when he woke up.


This is NOT my happy face.

I’ll keep you posted on his recovery.  Happy thots, happy thots, happy thots…

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