Komic Book Kittens

All three of my recent foster babies have been adopted!  I knew they wouldn’t remain at the shelter very long.  Archie, Betty & Veronica were way too sweet and cute to sit on the shelf.  Here are some photos of my cuties that I didn’t get around to posting.  Beware.  Cuteness overload ahead!


Betty in her favorite sunny spot.


Mulder wake up. The scary lady is back!


The Riverdale Gang!


Armful of sweetness. 🙂

CIMG0001 (2)

Dad these pants are so comfortable!

Adoption day is always bittersweet.  I’m happy they all found homes and a little sad that I can’t keep them all!  I highly recommend this “hobby” to anyone who loves cats.  There’s always a ready supply of fluffy little creatures at your local Humane Shelter!

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