Buster Saw His Shadow!

Up in Pennsylvania poor Phil was dragged from his burrow this morning in Punxsutawney to prognosticate for the crowd.


He did NOT see his shadow, so this means an early spring.  Down here in Dixie we have a different prediction from our resident rodent.  His name isn’t Phil, and this ain’t Gobbler’s Knob, but Buster did see his round little shadow today.


He says this means six more weeks of winter!  Hey don’t blame the messenger!  Buster doesn’t live in a burrow; he lives in a house like a proper bunny and he’s way cuter than Phil (in my opinion).  So we wish everyone a Happy Groundhog/Bunny Day where ever you are! 🙂

Scholarly note:  Despite the common misconception, Rabbits are NOT Rodents.  They are of the Scientific order Lagomorph.  Groundhogs, however, ARE!  Take that Phil!

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