Wildlife Photographer Extraordinaire!

Merrilu took lots of great pictures of my creatures during her stay.  She fancies herself an Annie Leibovitz type so her camera was appropriately bulky and unwieldy.  At first I thought she was just showing off with her fancy equipment and professional-looking crouches and adjustments of lenses, but no.  Her photos outshone my pathetic attempts by a mile and I had to bow to her expertise in this ONE area alone.  Don’t git too big for yer britches Merrilu.  I make my own pie crust!


Mulder contemplating the meaning of life.


Mulder, frightened by his conclusions.


Sammy of the Serengeti.


Rowdy expressing her displeasure of the Paparazzi.


Betty & Archie’s Glamour Shot.


Who could resist this mug!


Thanks for the great visit cousin.  Please come again soon.  With or without your monster camera!

6 thoughts on “Wildlife Photographer Extraordinaire!

  1. Oh my goodness, Merrilu needs to be a professional photographer!!! Way to go! And I just cackled out loud at the expression by Mulder. Deb, you do such a wonderful job of writing. I love it all!!!

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