Dave & Buster

The new bunny introduction phase can take up to two weeks in some cases.¬† Buster is making some concessions for the little guy, but so far a love match has not been made.¬† Here’s a series of photos I took of the first nose-to-nose encounter between the whippersnapper and the Alpha-Bun.


What should I do Mulder?


Go over and check it out Busty. He looks pretty harmless?


Get this dude, I’m the boss around here, you got it?


OK, I guess you are kinda cute.

Even though this first meeting went well, Buster is still asserting mastery¬† over his domain.¬† I had to create a separate bunny area for each of them to inhabit while they learn to be BFFs (Bunny Friends 4-ever).¬† The linoleum has become the DMZ for the time being.¬† Buster won’t cross any un-carpeted floor surface, but Dave will.¬† So if Dave wears out his welcome on Buster’s side he gets “head-butted” back to his section.


Yes, I put linoleum in my laundry room. I’m old-school like that.

The visitors have begun arriving to meet the new member of the B’game Petting Zoo.¬†¬†One night last week¬†around 8:30¬†an unruly hot dog and her posse paid a visit to my door to meet Mr. Dave.¬† I greeted them in my fluffy pink fleece robe and flowery PJs.¬† (I am super hot in this ensemble, you’ll just have to trust me on this.)

DSC00026 (2)

Hudson Hot Dog and her gang of four.

This neighborhood is really going to the DOGS!

Dave’s Debut

Here are some more pictures of our little fuzzy man.


I am NOT a guinea pig!

Dave is a lion head mix.¬† He should grow to about 3-4 pounds and he’ll always be smaller than Buster.


Weirdest lookin’ kittten ever!

I’ve been asked why I got another bunny and where I got him from.¬† OK, here’s the story.¬† We thought Buster might be lonely.¬† All the bunny experts say that buns are very social creatures and prefer to have a friend to play with.¬† It has been about 3 years since his little sister Boo Boo¬†died, and although he seems very contented with his human and feline family members, we suspected that his life would be more fun and happy with a buddy.¬† So, I started on Petfinder.com and other sites that featured foster bunnies that needed homes.¬† We had tried to socialize Buster with other bunnies before and had great success with babies. (Boo Boo¬†& Bitsy).¬† Adult rabbits–not so much.¬† We fostered two other adult rabbits in our home but Buster never accepted them and he continually tried to bite and intimidate them.¬† Even the bunny books all say that an older bunny will more readily accept a baby as a new companion because the babies are not a threat to the Alpha-Bun’s turf.


He already likes Jim better than me. *sigh*

Well, there were no babies to be had within 500 miles of me.¬† I did contact two shelters who had babies but they informed me that they only placed locally.¬† So against deeply held beliefs about buying rabbits from pet stores, I broke my own rule.¬† Actually I had been trying to resist this little fluff ball for a few days.¬† I spied him in the store where I buy Missy’s cat food and had held him a few times.¬† I told myself that if he was still there on Saturday when I returned to the store, I would take him home and see if he’d make a good friend for Buster.¬† Am I rationalizing? Yes.¬† Do I advocate buying rabbits from pet stores? No.¬† Can you guys please forgive me?


How ’bout givin’ her a break, huh?

Return to Thunderdome

No, it’s not a new Mad Max movie.¬† It’s a happy tale of a bunny coming home from the vet.¬† THUNDERDOME¬†is Tama’s name for Buster’s dome-shaped, chewed-up bunny lair.¬† I called this morning to see if he could come home and receive his medications from his mom & dad and they thought that would be a good idea.¬† I know my little guy will not be happy taking three medications by mouth twice a day, but he’s GOT to feel better in his own house with his people and his kitties.¬† Mulder told him he smelled funny and then started to groom him so he’d smell like a proper Burlingame.¬† He’s not out of the woods, but we’ve been told what to look for so we can monitor his recovery.¬† I won’t divulge the vet bill, but just imagine travelling to OUTRAGEOUS-TOWN and then crossing the street to¬† RIDICULOUS-VILLE.¬†¬†Then you’ll be¬†in the neighborhood.¬† Is he worth it?¬†¬†Every penny. ūüôā


Bunny Boo Boo

Buster is at the vet.¬† He stopped eating and began chewing on the baseboards–both signs of a common bunny ailment known as GI Stasis.¬† I’ll save you the gruesome details but it is hard to treat and can be deadly if not caught early enough.¬† It’s what our little lion-head bunny died¬†from two years ago.


Buster’s little sister and best friend, Boo Boo (2008-2009)

Fortunately he’s in the care of Dr. Glasscock, our vet who takes care of all the Burlingame critters, including you may remember, a certain yellow chicken who survived a feral cat attack.


Daisy’s hero.

Buster has enjoyed excellent health for five years and he’s a tough little guy, so we have high hopes he’ll be home soon.¬† I took all his favorite supplies to the vet so he could have everything as close to his home set-up as possible.¬† He’s on medication for his internal problem, infection and pain.¬† They had to sedate him to give him an x-ray and I took a picture of him when he woke up.


This is NOT my happy face.

I’ll keep you posted on his recovery.¬† Happy thots, happy thots, happy thots…

Komic Book Kittens

All three of my recent foster babies have been adopted!¬† I knew they wouldn’t¬†remain at the shelter very long.¬†¬†Archie, Betty & Veronica¬†were way too sweet and cute to sit on the shelf.¬† Here are some photos of my cuties that I didn’t get around to posting.¬† Beware.¬† Cuteness overload ahead!


Betty in her favorite sunny spot.


Mulder wake up. The scary lady is back!


The Riverdale Gang!


Armful of sweetness. ūüôā

CIMG0001 (2)

Dad these pants are so comfortable!

Adoption day is always bittersweet.¬† I’m happy they all found homes and a little sad that I can’t keep them all!¬† I highly recommend this “hobby” to anyone who loves cats.¬† There’s always a ready supply of fluffy little creatures at your local Humane Shelter!

Buster Saw His Shadow!

Up in Pennsylvania poor Phil was dragged from his burrow this morning in Punxsutawney to prognosticate for the crowd.


He did NOT see his shadow, so this¬†means an early spring.¬†¬†Down here in Dixie we have a different prediction from our resident rodent.¬† His name isn’t Phil, and this ain’t Gobbler’s Knob, but¬†Buster¬†did see¬†his round little shadow today.


He says this means six more weeks of winter!¬† Hey don’t blame the messenger!¬† Buster doesn’t live in a burrow; he lives in a house like a proper bunny and he’s way cuter than Phil (in my opinion).¬† So we wish everyone a Happy Groundhog/Bunny Day where ever you are! ūüôā

Scholarly note:  Despite the common misconception, Rabbits are NOT Rodents.  They are of the Scientific order Lagomorph.  Groundhogs, however, ARE!  Take that Phil!

Wildlife Photographer Extraordinaire!

Merrilu¬†took lots of great pictures of my creatures during her stay.¬† She fancies herself an Annie Leibovitz¬†type so her camera was appropriately bulky and unwieldy.¬† At first I thought she was just showing off with her fancy equipment and professional-looking crouches and adjustments of lenses, but no.¬† Her photos outshone my pathetic attempts by a mile and I had to bow to her expertise in this¬†ONE area alone.¬† Don’t git too big for yer britches Merrilu.¬† I make my own pie crust!


Mulder contemplating the meaning of life.


Mulder, frightened by his conclusions.


Sammy of the Serengeti.


Rowdy expressing her displeasure of the Paparazzi.


Betty & Archie’s Glamour Shot.


Who could resist this mug!


Thanks for the great visit cousin.  Please come again soon.  With or without your monster camera!