So all the kittens weigh at least two pounds now and this means I should be taking them back to the shelter.

Do we hafta go back?

Don’t tell my “boss” (Cindy, the foster coordinator at MHS) but I’m keeping these babies through the weekend.  My cousin and BFF is coming for a visit on Friday from bone-chilling Chagrin Falls, OH.  I have not seen this chick in five years and we are looking forward to a hedonistic weekend of sleeping late, eating and drinking too much and playing with cute kitties.

Distinguished class officers of the Purvis High School Class of 1981. Merrilu is the winsome blonde on the left. I’m the Farrah-wanna-be on right. Our evil nemeses Patty is in the center. HI PATTY, LONG TIME NO SEE!

She is “escaping” her adorable 7-year-old, Sam for some “Mommy-free” time with her old pal.

I might need a break from this one too. 🙂
Graduation day, May 1981. My hair had recently been cut for my admission into the Air Force Academy the following June.

Merrilu is a former kitty foster mom herself and she loves kittens, cats, doggies and all God’s fluffy creations as much as I do.  She has ORDERED me to keep Mr. Archie, and Miss Betty & Veronica until she gets here so she can get some kitten love!  YES MA’AM!  Now for some pictures of the goings-on at the B’game farm this week…

Miss Veronica thinks Mr. Mulder is so dreamy!
Being cute 24/7 is so exhausting!
I’m really too old for this.
I’m still the cute one right?
How much longer will they be here Buster? I’m worried we might run out of food.


4 thoughts on “Reprieve

  1. Oh yeah, good listening Deb. I CAN’T wait. Now this snow better cooperate or I may not be responsible for my actions.

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