City Chick Meets Country Chicks

My visit with my cousin would not have been complete without a trip to Debbie’s farm to meet Rosy, Daisy and Violet.  Merrilu has long been a follower of my animal blogs but she had never met the girls in person.  As we drove up to the house we saw an eager creature waddling her way to the car.  Debbie said it was Violet, and sure enough, my little alpha chick was coming to meet us.


Got grapes???

The chicken yard and enclosure is about 200 yards away, and it was quite funny to see my sweet girl leading the charge to the bag of grapes.  We were easily able to get her to jump for them just like the old days.


Soon we spotted Daisy who had grown even more beautiful than before.  Her color was vivid and she’d packed on a few more ounces of padding, making her look like a chicken pin-up girl.


Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.

Her added bulk didn’t stop her from making several athletic leaps for her favorite treat!


Work it girl!

I’d always thought Merrilu and Daisy looked alike and sure enough, it’s hard to tell which is which in this photo.


Only one of these chicks is a “real” blonde!

Merrilu posed with Miss Violet as well.  Both of these girls are very smart and feisty.


Try as we might, we could not get a good photo of Rosie.  She kept zipping out of frame just as we clicked the shutter.  I can attest that she is alive and well, and prettier and healthier than I have ever seen her.  She let me touch her once or twice, but was in no mood to be caught and held.  She too, jumped for grapes like her sisters.

Of course we couldn’t leave without a hug from my former foster chick, Scarlett.  She’s turned into a lovely tame pet who lives near the house with her best friend Carlos.


She seems to see herself as a human instead of a chicken, so she hangs out near Debbie’s back door in close range of people and treats.  🙂

I’ll close this with a shout-out to my very good friend Debbie who is one of my heroes and mentors.  I’ve learned much from her concerning sustainable, wholesome food and old-fashioned ways of living that have done me recent good.  She’s also one of the champions of humanely-raised animal movement.  If I were a chicken, I’d want to live with her.  My girls are fortunate to have found such a poultry paradise.  Thanks Debbie.  You are the “Wind beneath my wings”.  🙂


So all the kittens weigh at least two pounds now and this means I should be taking them back to the shelter.

Do we hafta go back?

Don’t tell my “boss” (Cindy, the foster coordinator at MHS) but I’m keeping these babies through the weekend.  My cousin and BFF is coming for a visit on Friday from bone-chilling Chagrin Falls, OH.  I have not seen this chick in five years and we are looking forward to a hedonistic weekend of sleeping late, eating and drinking too much and playing with cute kitties.

Distinguished class officers of the Purvis High School Class of 1981. Merrilu is the winsome blonde on the left. I’m the Farrah-wanna-be on right. Our evil nemeses Patty is in the center. HI PATTY, LONG TIME NO SEE!

She is “escaping” her adorable 7-year-old, Sam for some “Mommy-free” time with her old pal.

I might need a break from this one too. 🙂
Graduation day, May 1981. My hair had recently been cut for my admission into the Air Force Academy the following June.

Merrilu is a former kitty foster mom herself and she loves kittens, cats, doggies and all God’s fluffy creations as much as I do.  She has ORDERED me to keep Mr. Archie, and Miss Betty & Veronica until she gets here so she can get some kitten love!  YES MA’AM!  Now for some pictures of the goings-on at the B’game farm this week…

Miss Veronica thinks Mr. Mulder is so dreamy!
Being cute 24/7 is so exhausting!
I’m really too old for this.
I’m still the cute one right?
How much longer will they be here Buster? I’m worried we might run out of food.


First Visitors

It didn’t take long for the female contingent of the Norris Family to get wind of the new kittens.  These guys have always been big fans of my fosters so I wasn’t surprised to hear a knock on my door Sunday afternoon.


Miss Catherine LOVES her sum kittens!  She took lots of photos of them on her iPod thingy and selected one of them for her screen photo.


Her mom, Michelle was just as mesmerized by my little snuggle muffins.  A kitten will turn a grown woman into a baby-talkin’, ten year old girl in a flash! 🙂

Come visit our foster farm soon.  These guys are gaining weight and getting smarter every day.  It won’t be long til they graduate to their OPERATION!  Shhhhhhhhhhhhh!  We haven’t told them yet! 😦


We think we’re gonna like it here.

Oops, I Did it Again!

I know I said I wouldn’t foster any more kittens for the shelter until Missy crossed over the rainbow bridge, but I just couldn’t help myself.  The house is boring without smelly little kittens running around, and when I got an email from the shelter asking for volunteers to take three little hellions into their home for three weeks, I could not resist.  Besides, Missy has decided to grab a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest, grouchiest cat in North America.  If she insists on hanging around Casa de Burlingame for another 17 years, she’s gonna have to put up with kittens once in a while!

So, without further ado…

Meet Betty,




and Archie.


If you’re a neighbor, feel free to come by to play.  These kids are skittish and shy but we’re working on that.  If you don’t live near enough to get some kitten love, GO TO YOUR LOCAL SHELTER AND GIT YER OWN! 🙂

Author’s note:  For those who think that “without further ado” is incorrect, I refer you to this blog site.

My dear husband, the Grammar Nazi, informed me that my original expression “Without further adieu” was wrong.  I know only one other person in my circle of friends who would have known this. (Mr. Steve)  OK, Jim, you’re right this time.  It won’t happen again.