Broccoli and Horses and Cows, Oh My!

Last week we visited the farm of a good friend.  Brenda might be familiar to some of you who read my old blog  She is my pal Skeeter’s mom, and she was a huge supporter of my fight to keep my chickens last year.  She even made a decoupaged box for me decorated with images of my chicken adventure.


Anyhoo…she owns a farm with some animals that don’t necessarily fit into the kittybunnychicken, but who are definitely worth a post! 🙂

Brenda’s granddaughter, Hudson (also a frequent visitor to my old and current blog) is a ten-year old kid who stays with her grandparents quite often, and is living the kind of childhood few modern kids get to experience.  Brenda and her husband raise miniature horses as well as “regular-sized” ones.  This little guy is a favorite named “Smacky”.


Hudson explained “all things horsey” to Jim–a city boy in the first degree.


Jim’s tired and often-told joke is, “I rode a horse once.”  So funny I forgot to laugh!

It wasn’t easy, but Hudson talked Mr. B into getting into the buggy with her.  That nervous look on his face betrays his true feelings about the ride.


Hudson was gentle with Jim, but later showed us some speed after “fraidy-pants” dismounted.

Brenda introduced me to Clyde, her Belgium beauty.


Brenda called him the “Fabio” of the horse world.  You could just tell this guy thought he was “all that and a bag of chips!”  Make that a bag of oats.  I also got to meet my old friend Maybelle.


Last year I was the beneficiary of Maybelle’s milk.  I’d provide the empty containers and Skeeter would bring me fresh, whole unpasteurized milk from her mom’s farm and Maybelle’s generosity.  Don’t knock it til you’ve tried it.  Elixir of the Gods!  Maybelle is preggers again so I’m getting my empty milk jugs ready for filling!

At the end of our visit, Brenda loaded us up with some just-cut sugar cane, cane syrup (they press it on their property using Mule Power!) and the stinkiest broccoli we’ve ever encountered.

Jim and his bounty

Jim and his bounty

Brenda harvested the pungent veggie while she was chatting with Jim, and apparently, fresh-cut broccoli puts the store-bought kind to olfactory shame!  These were the tenderest, most flavorful flowerettes we’ve ever eaten and also the stinkiest.  The smell still lingers.  It’s broccoli, I swear! 🙂

The best part of our visit happened after we left.  Brenda asked Hudson to gather up all the miniatures (20 in all) toward the barn so they could be handy for Christmas visitors to play with.  In her search for tiny horses she found the tiniest.

Baby Horse 1

Little “Sparkle” is the newest addition to the family, and newly discovered by the fifth-grade farm hand.  Can you imagine having so many horses that you just happen to “find” a new one?

Baby Horse 2

All worked stopped for the day while Brenda, Hudson and Skeeter played with the new baby.  We were almost all the way home (45 minute drive) with our freshly murdered Christmas tree hanging out the back of Old Blue so we couldn’t turn around to meet little Sparkle.  These adorable photos Skeeter sent from her cell phone will have to suffice til we can get back to the country to meet the little guy.

Have yourself a “Horsey Little Christmas” Hudson! 🙂

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