Buster Turns Five!

We celebrated Buster’s fifth birthday the way we have for the last four years with a neighborhood party and carrot cake.

The nice ladies at Earth Fare made this great cake for Buster. The little carrots are real. 🙂

Buster’s birthday falls very near Halloween so several of our guests were on their way to the neighborhood party at the boat house.

Jill the disco queen and Jaymee the expired bride.

Black and Jill went up the hill to shake their groove thang!

Arrrrgggggggggggggggggggg! Skeeter and Rick. I was gonna take out Skeeter’s “red-eye” but decided against it. It’s a good look for her.

Hudson stayed at our party while her pirate parents attended the monster mash down the street. She kept offering to help me clean up after the festivities. You done good Skeeter!

Dennis was recovering from knee surgery, but managed to hobble down Boardwalk (with some help from Tama) to give props to his favorite bunny man!

Andrew can smell wine from miles away! Thanks Andrew and Cathy for the Bogle. We’re saving it for a special meal.

Buster’s backdoor neighbors Lauren & Miss Terri.


Barb, Gavin and Jay (not pictured) stayed to the bitter end. Our favorite type of party guest. 🙂

It was great to see Ron and Renay again. They’ve moved from out neighborhood but remain in our hearts. These two are animal lovers extraordinaire!

Jenna Kate and Linda. Thanks for the bunny shaped blueberry cake Linda! I had some for breakfast this morning. 🙂

Wendy is rockin’ the leopard print! I spy Bruce, Michelle, Jeff, Cathy and Miss Kitty in this picture.

Although the human guests had a blast, the furry party animals were not enjoying the crowds.  Poor Missy stayed in her cave the whole night.

Are they gone yet?

Mulder and Buster both hung out in the shadows with worried brows.

Buster, do you think they can see me? I can’t turn my eyes off!

Thanks for your indulgence.  I hope you found some of these photos amusing.  At least you can’t say you’ve never heard of a birthday party for a floppy-eared bunny!

6 thoughts on “Buster Turns Five!

  1. Your parties are always super. Here in D.C. Area we only have Sandy to party with. I hear she is a terrible guest. Hugs

  2. I wanted to see Buster eat his cake or the carrots on the cake. Looks like a lot of fun. Never heard of a birthday party for a bunny, but any reason to celebrate, right?

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