Jo Going Back to Surgery

It feels strange to use this format to give a sad report on my sister JoAnn, but it seems the way to reach the most people the fastest.  The doctors found a blood clot and they need to do surgery immediately.  After that she’ll be back in ICU for a few days.  When I know more I will pass it on.  Let’s hope that the next post is a happy one.

Godspeed Jo.

11 thoughts on “Jo Going Back to Surgery

    • Near the pancreas. Robin has all the latest. She called tonight and said they might be able to get it out thru the drainage tube. That would mean they don’t have to open her again. I’ll know more in the morning. Mom and Dad are going to New Orleans tomorrow.

  1. Oh dear, Debbie! How stressful — and painful — and SCARY! So sorry! I am sending up prayers just now. Please keep us posted. Hugs!

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