Update on Jo

I travelled to Mississippi this weekend to take my mom to New Orleans for a visit with Jo.  She remains in the transplant step-down unit in Oschner’s Hospital.  She keeps having small setbacks to her recovery, but so far nothing life-threatening.  She was supposed to be transferred to a rehab center today, but she has a mysterious infection that they can’t identify, so they are giving her antibiotics and inserting a drain tube to relieve some fluid and pressure near her pancreas.

Our visit was brief because Jo wasn’t feeling well and slept for most of our visit.  When she was awake, let’s just say she wasn’t the hostess with the mostest.  🙂  If any of you know my sister, you’ll agree that her wit is sharp and sometimes bawdy.  I tried my best to make her smile or laugh, to no avail.  On the bright side, she called Mom the next morning at home and she sounded like her old self.  Her voice was bright and chipper and she was in good spirits.  I took one more opportunity to get a giggle out of her and I remarked that I was glad that the “stick-ectomy” worked well because she sounded in a much better mood.  🙂  I did indeed make her laugh, and when she called me a BLEEP I knew she was feeling much better.  That’s our Jo!

Aunt Jo in happier times with Hannah and Violet.

Of course, it would be unthinkable to travel to New Orleans without having a meal, so I drove to the French Quarter and shared a great lunch with Peg Peg.  If I twist her arm, Mama will sometimes get crazy and have a glass of wine with me.  She is such a party animal.

Mom is so jealous because I have two chins and she only has one!

As soon as we walked out of the restaurant and were making our way back to the car, a drunken reveller threw his beer all over my pants and shoes.  As he stumbled down the street, a construction worker who saw the assault on my jeans came to my aid with some tissues.  Chivalry is not dead on Dauphine Street.  We made it to the car after stopping in a few places to see some sights.

Yes, I had to touch these to make sure they were real.

Jim says it’s cheating to use my blog for topics other than kitties, bunnies and chickens, so please enjoy these photos for your viewing pleasure.



…and chicken

The only variety I’m allowed to have these days 😦

Thanks to everyone who has inquired about my sister’s condition.  I will continue to use this forum to update her situation.  (So THERE Jim!)  The animal news is very quiet at the Burlingame farm, and for now that is just fine with me.  Count your blessings and I hope it takes a while!

4 thoughts on “Update on Jo

  1. So glad to finally see another post but I can’t say much since I haven’t done one in a long time either. Schooling has me busy. Enjoyed these pictures and the update. Hope your sister is much better soon. I love that chicken (Violet). She’s my mouser. Just like Daisy is the hornworm slayer, Violet is the mouse slayer. Come visit sometime.

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