Bonnie & Clyde Fly the Coop!

My little foster kids are gone.  Clyde made weight a week ago, but I had to wait for Bonnie to catch up.  It would be too sad to take them back to the shelter separately.  I wanted them to stay together as long as possible.

Kitty Jail!

Before they left their Burlingame hide-out, they learned to climb the stairs!  This is something no other foster kittens ever did.

Bonnie, you won’t believe what fun stuff is up here!

Sammy eventually learned to tolerate them, but she never really warmed up to the babies.

MUST you do that here?

Mr. Mulder however, really grew fond of them.  He even invited Clyde to share his “super-secret-behind-the-monitor” fort!

Shhhhhhh, don’t tell Bonnie. Boys only!

The kittens attracted a wide variety of visitors.  Jim shares a waning summer day with two of his favorite creatures.  Felinus Domesticus and Laylus Cuteus.

Welcome to the kitten ranch Miss Layla!

Bonnie and Clyde were an especially mischievous and hilarious pair.  They had a very good time here and we really enjoyed their stay.

Can we come visit?

We will miss them, and we’ll be hoping that they find a forever home very soon.

Cutest little fugitives ever

I hope you’ll forgive a kittybunnychicken hiatus for an undetermined period of time.  My job is kicking my hiney and I have some family matters to tend to in Mississippi.  Every time I’ve ever decided to take a break from my blog, something weird has happened to make me write again.  I’m sure that as soon as I click “post”, someone will knock on my door with an orphaned rhinocelot.  Wonder what those guys eat?

As summer turns to fall, I’ll leave you with one of my last bouquets from my garden.  Thank you for reading.  Be good, and help any animals in need. Happy Autumn wishes, –Deb

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