Hank didn’t make it.  Despite the efforts of some kind and dedicated volunteers, he died last night.  Gina said that although they weren’t able to x-ray him, they suspect that he had some internal injuries.  He was emaciated and too weak for the antibiotics to have any effect.  I’m sad that our neighborhood lost such a beautiful animal, but happy to know that we have such caring people living here.

Our neighborhood logo with the Blue Heron

I’ve dealt with the Alabama Wildlife Center on several occasions and I hope to interact with them again in the future.  Thanks for the many inquiries about Hank.  Apparently he was suffering and I’m happy that he is in a peaceful place now.  Animals can’t speak for themselves.  It’s up to us to listen with our hearts.  Yes, that sounds a little sappy, but that’s my mood at the moment.  Take a minute to check out the AWC site and if you’re feeling generous, think about giving a small donation to help their efforts.  http://www.awrc.org/

Thanks again to all who helped and those who cared about his story.

7 thoughts on “Hank

  1. Thank YOU Debbie, for caring so much about Hank and taking such selfless action to try to get him help; I wish there were more people out there like you! After thinking on it some more last night at my shift, it could be that Hank got into some poison/ate something poisonous that we all weren’t aware of. Unfortunately, this is becoming increasingly common as we see hawks and owls that come in like this (presumably from eating poisoned rats/mice) and in Hank’s case, maybe he ate a contaminated fish? I realize we’ll never know but keep an eye on his other “family members” there and if I can help in any way, don’t hesitate to contact me. Also, I appreciate the shout-out to the AL Wildlife Center. Hank didn’t die in vain – the positive side of this is that we got to connect and for that, I’m very grateful. Keep being a terrific “Wildlife Warrior” Debbie! 🙂

  2. Oh, this is so sad. Somehow it never crossed my mind that Hank wouldn’t make it, with all the tender loving care and experienced medical attention he received. I’m already in a sappy mood so now I’m just going to go cry. Thank you, Debbie – you are my hero.

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