Buster Turns Five!

We celebrated Buster’s fifth birthday the way we have for the last four years with a neighborhood party and carrot cake.

The nice ladies at Earth Fare made this great cake for Buster. The little carrots are real. ūüôā

Buster’s birthday falls very near Halloween so several of our guests were on their way to the neighborhood party at the boat house.

Jill the disco queen and Jaymee the expired bride.

Black and Jill went up the hill to shake their groove thang!

Arrrrgggggggggggggggggggg! Skeeter¬†and Rick. I was gonna take out Skeeter’s¬†“red-eye” but decided against it. It’s a good look for her.

Hudson stayed at our party while her pirate parents attended the monster mash down the street. She kept offering to help me clean up after the festivities. You done good Skeeter!

Dennis was recovering from knee surgery, but managed to hobble down Boardwalk (with some help from Tama) to give props to his favorite bunny man!

Andrew can smell wine from miles away! Thanks Andrew and Cathy for the Bogle. We’re saving it for a special meal.

Buster’s backdoor neighbors Lauren & Miss Terri.


Barb, Gavin and Jay (not pictured) stayed to the bitter end. Our favorite type of party guest. ūüôā

It was great to see Ron and¬†Renay¬†again. They’ve moved from out neighborhood but remain in our hearts. These two are animal lovers extraordinaire!

Jenna Kate and Linda. Thanks for the bunny shaped blueberry cake Linda! I had some for breakfast this morning. ūüôā

Wendy is rockin’ the leopard print! I spy Bruce, Michelle, Jeff, Cathy and Miss Kitty in this picture.

Although the human guests had a blast, the furry party animals were not enjoying the crowds.  Poor Missy stayed in her cave the whole night.

Are they gone yet?

Mulder and Buster both hung out in the shadows with worried brows.

Buster, do you think they can see me? I can’t turn my eyes off!

Thanks for your indulgence.¬† I hope you found some of these photos amusing.¬† At least you can’t say you’ve never heard of a birthday party for a floppy-eared bunny!

Jo Going Back to Surgery

It feels strange to use this format to give a sad report on my sister JoAnn, but it seems the way to reach the most people the fastest.¬† The doctors¬†found a¬†blood clot and they need to do surgery immediately.¬† After¬†that she’ll be back in ICU for a few days.¬† When I know more I will pass it on.¬† Let’s hope that the next post is a happy one.

Godspeed Jo.

Update on Jo

I travelled to Mississippi this weekend to take my mom to New Orleans for a visit with Jo.¬† She remains in the transplant step-down¬†unit in Oschner’s Hospital.¬† She keeps having small setbacks to her recovery, but so far nothing life-threatening.¬† She was supposed to be transferred to a rehab center today, but she has a mysterious infection that they can’t identify, so they are giving her antibiotics and inserting a drain tube to relieve some fluid and pressure near her pancreas.

Our visit was brief because Jo wasn’t¬†feeling well and slept for most of our visit.¬† When she was awake, let’s just say she wasn’t the hostess with the mostest.¬† ūüôā¬† If any of you know my sister, you’ll agree that her wit¬†is sharp and sometimes bawdy.¬† I tried my best to make her smile or laugh, to no avail.¬† On the bright side, she called Mom the next morning at home and she sounded like her old self.¬† Her voice was bright and chipper and she was in good spirits.¬† I took one more opportunity to get a giggle out of her and I remarked that I was glad that the “stick-ectomy”¬†worked well because she sounded in a much better mood.¬† ūüôā¬† I did indeed make her laugh, and when she called me a BLEEP I knew she was feeling much better.¬† That’s our Jo!

Aunt Jo in happier times with Hannah and Violet.

Of course, it would be unthinkable to travel to New Orleans without having a meal, so I drove to the French Quarter and shared a great lunch with Peg Peg.  If I twist her arm, Mama will sometimes get crazy and have a glass of wine with me.  She is such a party animal.

Mom is so jealous because I have two chins and she only has one!

As soon as we walked out of the restaurant and were making our way back to the car, a drunken reveller threw his beer all over my pants and shoes.  As he stumbled down the street, a construction worker who saw the assault on my jeans came to my aid with some tissues.  Chivalry is not dead on Dauphine Street.  We made it to the car after stopping in a few places to see some sights.

Yes, I had to touch these to make sure they were real.

Jim says it’s cheating to use my blog for topics other than kitties, bunnies and chickens, so please enjoy these photos for your viewing pleasure.



…and chicken

The only variety I’m allowed to have¬†these days ūüė¶

Thanks to everyone who has inquired about my sister’s condition.¬† I will continue to use this forum to update her situation.¬† (So THERE Jim!)¬† The animal news is very quiet at the Burlingame farm, and for now that is just fine with me.¬† Count your blessings and I hope it takes a while!

Visit to the Big Easy

This is one of those posts that has nothing to do with kitties, bunnies or chickens, but it’s my blog and I’ll play with it any way I want!¬† ūüôā¬† The occasion of visiting my sister, JoAnn in Ochsner’s¬†Medical Center in New Orleans seemed a worthy topic.¬† Jo has been a type I diabetic for most of her life.¬† The toll this took on her poor bod required that she undergo a double transplant.¬† She was on the transplant list for almost a year when a donor became available about two weeks ago.¬† It was touch and go for a while, but it looks like she will recover and have a brand new life without dialysis, insulin and constant pain.¬† Her new kidney and pancreas are functioning well and for the first time in over 40 years she is living without insulin injections.

Hannah visits her beloved “Aunt Jo”.

Jo’s husband, Tim has not left her side since she’s been hospitalized.¬† She’s had many family visitors and some of my female cousins have driven my parents to see her several times.¬† (Thanks, Jeannie, Faye, Elizabeth &¬†Vickie!)

Leaning over Jo’s bed for a rare family photo.

JoAnn is one tough cookie and I’m not sure any of us could have braved the rigors of transplant surgery as well as she.¬† We’re all ready for her to get well, get out of bed and get on with the business of being funny & feisty Aunt Jo.

Although our visit was for a serious reason, we took advantage of being in such a great city by having some fun.¬† Fun for our family always involves a good restaurant or two so we over-indulged as one is wont to do in the Big Easy.¬† On the morning of our return, I, however, was the only Burlingame to drag myself out of the hotel room for some breakfast and people watching at the Old Coffeepot Restaurant next to Pat O’Brien’s.¬† I had a book to keep me company and a great waitress who belted out a couple of songs for our dining entertainment.

Sing it sister!

I asked a tourist from NYC to take a picture of me being irritated that my family was too lazy to join me.

I think I got the “irritated” look down pat!

To add even more fun to our trip, I had arranged for Hannah’s BFF since 6th grade show up to surprise her.¬† Rachel lives in Lafayette, LA and teaches 6th grade history in a Catholic girls’ school.¬† She spent the night with us in our hotel room and dined with us at a few great restaurants.

Despite¬†Rachel’s trim and athletic build, THE GIRL CAN PACK AWAY THE CHOW!¬† Sorry Rachel, you know it’s the truth.¬† ūüôā

Hannah is a cook here in Montgomery and works at two nice restaurants downtown.¬† During her visit to NOLA she decided to make it her goal to eventually move to¬†New Orleans¬†and cook in one of the top food cities in the world. I hope she makes it happen too.¬† It’ll be just one more excuse to travel to one of our favorite places.

A final thought…Jo’s organs came from a generous and thoughtful person who had a donor card in his wallet.¬† I wish we could thank his family for his act of kindness.¬† It’s a very easy matter to get a donor indicator on your driver’s license the next time you visit the DMV.¬† (Stepping off soap box now)¬† HAPPY FALL, Y’ALL!

Bonnie & Clyde Fly the Coop!

My little foster kids are gone.  Clyde made weight a week ago, but I had to wait for Bonnie to catch up.  It would be too sad to take them back to the shelter separately.  I wanted them to stay together as long as possible.

Kitty Jail!

Before they left their Burlingame hide-out, they learned to climb the stairs!  This is something no other foster kittens ever did.

Bonnie, you won’t believe what fun stuff is up here!

Sammy eventually learned to tolerate them, but she never really warmed up to the babies.

MUST you do that here?

Mr. Mulder however, really grew fond of them.¬† He even invited Clyde to share his “super-secret-behind-the-monitor” fort!

Shhhhhhh, don’t tell Bonnie. Boys only!

The kittens attracted a wide variety of visitors.  Jim shares a waning summer day with two of his favorite creatures.  Felinus Domesticus and Laylus Cuteus.

Welcome to the kitten ranch Miss Layla!

Bonnie and Clyde were an especially mischievous and hilarious pair.  They had a very good time here and we really enjoyed their stay.

Can we come visit?

We will miss them, and we’ll be hoping that they find a forever home very soon.

Cutest little fugitives ever

I hope you’ll forgive a kittybunnychicken¬†hiatus for an undetermined period of time.¬† My job is kicking my hiney¬†and I have some family matters to tend to in Mississippi.¬† Every time I’ve ever decided to take a break from my blog, something weird has happened to make me write again.¬† I’m sure that as soon as I click “post”, someone will knock on my door with an orphaned rhinocelot.¬† Wonder what those guys eat?

As summer turns to fall, I’ll leave you with one of my last bouquets from my garden.¬† Thank you for reading.¬† Be good, and help any animals in need.¬†Happy Autumn wishes, –Deb


Hank didn’t make it.¬† Despite the efforts of some kind and dedicated volunteers, he died last night.¬† Gina said that although they weren’t able to x-ray him, they suspect that he had some internal injuries.¬† He was emaciated and too weak for the antibiotics to have any effect.¬† I’m sad that our neighborhood lost such a beautiful animal, but happy to know that we have such caring people living here.

Our neighborhood logo with the Blue Heron

I’ve dealt with the Alabama Wildlife Center on several occasions and I hope to interact with them again in the future.¬† Thanks for the many inquiries about Hank.¬† Apparently he was suffering and I’m happy that he is in a peaceful place now.¬† Animals can’t speak for themselves.¬† It’s up to us to listen with our hearts.¬† Yes, that sounds a little sappy, but that’s my mood at the moment.¬† Take a minute to check out the AWC site and if you’re feeling generous, think about giving a small donation to help their efforts.¬† http://www.awrc.org/

Thanks again to all who helped and those who cared about his story.