When the Cat’s Away, the Mice Will Play

Actually when the HUSBAND is away, the WIFE will hire painters to fix up the kitchen cabinets.  Not as catchy, but the truth nonetheless.  Jim SAYS he’s representing the US Delegation for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Brussels, but I don’t care, as long as he brings back chocolate!  My dear hubs has been talking about repainting the kitchen cabinets for about a year now.  The poor guy has a “honey-do” list as long as my arm so he just hasn’t gotten to it yet.  I figure, I’ll hire Marlin’s crew to fix them up, and maybe when Jim gets home he won’t notice until after Christmas.

Apparently painters love kittens.

The guys did a great job and now my kitchen looks all spiffy.

Bonnie found her favorite.

Although the kittens were “smitten”, Mr. Mulder was having none of it.  He did NOT like these guys being in his house.

Some tuff guy you are, finding refuge in Mommy’s nightie drawer!

Jim returns late Saturday and I’m hoping it will be too dark for him to notice the paint job.  If I should mysteriously turn up missing after his return, will someone please try to find the body?  Check the pet cemetery first. 🙂

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